This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘Nymphomaniac’, ‘Locke’ And ‘Bears’

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The summer is drawing nigh, at least in terms of the entertainment calendar, which means we're going to be lining up for juicy and delicious streaming offerings soon.

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The Full-Length NSFW Nymphomaniac Trailer Has Punching, Screwing, Screaming, Fire, and Rammstein

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The new full-length trailer for Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac is wildly NSFW and full of all the punching, screwing, screaming, and semen you'd expect. Also, Rammstein.


Lars Von Trier has given up final cut on Nymphomaniac

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Lars Von Trier has given up final cut for the first time in his career on Nymphomaniac. His planned five-hour porn comedy will now be four hours broken into two parts.

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Lars Von Trier Will Debut The Hardcore Version Of ‘Nymphomaniac’ At Cannes

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Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac has already been anything but boring, as it seems to have more rumors surrounding it than most comic book movies.


Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Will Be 5 Hours Long, A Comedy

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Nymphomaniac doesn't open until Christmas Day in Denmark, but we've already heard a LOT about it.

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Shia LeBeef gets naughty in a sexy new still from Nymphomaniac

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I cropped this new still from Nymphomaniac and put the full version after the jump, because I'm honestly not sure if it counts as NSFW or not (Is that a nipple or hair.


Lars Von Trier's crazy sex movie will have two parts, and a hardcore & softcore version

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I love Lars Von Trier because he makes batsh*t movies and can't help but tell everyone about Nazis, no matter how much that prissy little princess Kirsten Dunst squirms.


Kirsten Dunst: “I couldn’t have done Antichrist because my boobs are too big.”

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Kirsten Dunst gets naked for Lars Von Trier's upcoming film Melancholia, the kind of news that probably would've popped a blood vessel in my eye if this was 2003.



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This is the second trailer for Antichrist, from Dogme 95/The Idiots/Dancer in the Dark filmmaker Lars Von Trier (first trailer here). The idea of a Danish director doing a movie about the antichrist is kind of terrifying.

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