Russell Wilson rumored to be dating an Instagram model named “Snow Phat”


I can see why shes so appealing. I mean you spend all day with your hands jammed up Max Ungers butt you're going to get a little accustomed to the size of it.

xmas ape

Lions Tight End Tweets About Russell Wilson Stealing His Girlfriend


Joseph Fauria tweeted that his former girlfriend is now with Russell Wilson.

strong takes

Russell Wilson gets a divorce, and NFL players say they want guaranteed contracts?


"First of all color me shocked that a guys whose named after the sound you make when you go for a romp in the hay might not have a perfect marriage."

xmas ape

Seahawks Defensive End Convinced a Gullible Restaurant That He’s Russell Wilson


Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett claims he tried to get a reservation at an upscale restaurant on Tuesday and was turned down. It wasn't until he impersonated teammate Russell Wilson that he got a response and a very prompt one at that.

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