The Phillies Let Children Draw Their Starting Lineup Photos And It Was Adorable


The Philadelphia Phillies players were introduced on Sunday with some really cute drawings from their youngest fans.


IMPORTANT: Chase Utley Responded To Mac's Letter From 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

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This is maybe the most important thing we've ever written about here at With Leather: Philadelphia Phillies star Chase Utley has responded via handwritten letter to the fan letter Mac from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia wanted to give him at the World Series five years ago.


The Best Of The Philadelphia Phillies 1990s Retro Night

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You know those annoying Facebook macros going around with a picture of the Angry Beavers on it or whatever, with a big caption reading "ONLY 90S KIDS WOULD REMEMBER THIS CLICK LIKE" across the top.

Stanley Cup Finals

Poll: Who Victory-Cursed Better?

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Since there's no artsy gallery of riot photos from downtown Los Angeles this morning, we've got the next best thing: players dropping f-bombs in live post-game interviews.

Willie Bloomquist

TSS 2009 MLB Preview: MVP’s & Patrick M.’s Four-Five

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Let’s be honest -- baseball games themselves can be pretty freaking boring.

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