The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 3: In The Mouth Of Madness

By | 50 Comments

The over/under on Lucha Underground episode 3, featuring Chavo Guerrero being awesome, the origin of Mil Muertes and a crazy main-event.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 2: Mil Matt Striker References

By | 53 Comments

Find out the over/under on Lucha Underground episode 2, featuring Blue Demon Jr. vs. Mil Muertes, a Puma/Mundo alliance, and more.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground: Episode 1

By | 59 Comments

The first episode of Lucha Underground is here, and we're talking wrestling pumas, a vampire on commentary and the evil M. Bison in charge.


Put A Little Ass On It: Embracing The Magic Of ‘WWE Originals’

By | 19 Comments

Take a look back at 'WWE Originals,' the CD that gave us Basic Thuganomics AND a song about Rikishi putting his ass on babies.


Viva La Raza! Chavo Guerrero Gains Superpowers From Dragon’s Blood In A New Comic Book.

By | 13 Comments

Chavo Guerrero enters the delusional self-aggrandizing comic book era of his career.


The 5 Least Extreme Things To Ever Happen At WWE Extreme Rules

By | 31 Comments

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 happens this Sunday, so we count down the five least extreme things to ever happen on an Extreme Rules show.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 12/5/13: The Ghost Of Earl Hebner’s Dignity

By | 31 Comments

Impact Wrestling gets mean, then gets fun, then goes back to mean, and then Kurt Angle


Shawne Merriman Is Training To Become A Wrestler At WWE’s Performance Center

By | 21 Comments

Former football star Shawne Merriman is training to become a pro wrestler at WWE's Performance Center. No, seriously, here are the pics.


The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 05/09/13: Where Everything’s Made Up And The Points Don’t Matter

By | 32 Comments

The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 05/09/13, featuring a Bound For Glory points gauntlet, the MJA Awards and more.


‘Date With A Wrestler’ Is The New Best Tumblr

By | 18 Comments

We've shared a lot of great Tumblr time wasters -- <a href="" target="_blank">Waldo At The Masters</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Tim Tebow Confessions</a> among them -- but not since <a href="" target="_blank">someone decided to photoshop Alberto Del Rio with a bunch of porn stars</a> has a Tumblr been this hilarious and relevant to my interests.

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