This Woman Found Out Her Husband Was Cheating When She Found His New Wedding Photos On Facebook

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Ladies: What would you do if you discovered that your husband had a completely different secret life?

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An NFL Player’s Pregnant Fiancee Hacked His Instagram After Learning He Was An Alleged Serial Cheater

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Don't cheat on your baby mama and if you do, don't give her the password to your social media accounts. It might end poorly.


Mick Foley Used A Fanny Pack To Cheat In The Wing Bowl And Got Ejected

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley forever ruined his reputation by using a secret fanny pack to cheat in the prestigious Wing Bowl.


WWE Wants To Help The New England Patriots Cheat To Win The Super Bowl

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Cheating is an important part of making it in WWE, so here's a bunch of cheaters helping the New England Patriots cheat to win.


The Story Behind The Guy Who Caught His Wife And Sister-In-Law Cheating And Is Live-Updating It All

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The story behind a wife's infidelity, the investigation connected to it, and the Reddit thread where the husband is live updating it all.


A Pissed Off Wife Sells Her Cheating Husband’s Porsche For A 90 Percent Discount

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While similar models usually go for $200,000 or more, this one sold for $20,000 on an Australian 'Revenge Sales' website.

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A Spurned Husband Is Trying To Win Back His Wife With The Saddest Craigslist Mattress Ad Ever

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Whoever the guy is who wrote this Craigslist ad is definitely in a glass case of emotion.


Science: Facebook Makes You More Likely To Get Divorced

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Facebook might be wrecking your marriage. Or, rather, giving you the handy tools you need to wreck your marriage!

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Conspiracy Theory: Is This British Model Behind The Goopy Split?

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Was Chris Martin's cheating responsible for his separation from Gwyneth Paltrow? We will not rest until we have all of the answers!


Lance Armstrong Is Ready To Be The Jose Canseco Of Cycling

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Lance Armstrong, a guy who did not cheat unless you have evidence of him cheating and then he totally cheated, is now blaming the UCI for his cheating.


Finally, An Undershirt For The Self-Conscious Bro Who Is Too Lazy To Hit The Gym

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If you want people to think you have muscles but don't want to go to the gym, then the Funkybod undershirt is the lazy clothing for you.


Listen Up, Y’All: T. Boone Pickens Has A Problem With That Oklahoma State Story

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Sports Illustrated is currently on the third day of its new series that reveals some very serious accusations of cheating and deplorable ethical behavior by the Oklahoma State University football program during the years that Les Miles was the head coach.


College Basketball Refs Are Cheating Now Like NBA Refs

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It might be time for Pac-12 men’s basketball coordinator of officials Ed Rush to do the noble thing and retire.


Cheating On Your Spouse Can Kill You


Here's a good reason, beyond societal judgement, divorce, shame, financial difficulty, and broken families to not cheat on your spouse: it makes you more likely to drop dead.

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