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Steelers Bringing Back Plaxico For A Tryout Because They’re A Mess


Before the season started, everyone laughed at the Seahawks for bringing in Terrell Owens, along with almost every other available receiver who had been notable in the NFL five years ago, to help with their limited depth at receiver.

xmas ape

Stevie Johnson Leaving On A Plax Plane


Here's the sure-to-be never discussed Stevie Johnson TD celebration where he gags on Plaxico cheddar bobbing himself then simulates a jet crash.


Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish!


Former Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress was reportedly met by a number of jeers and catcalls from fellow inmates when he was taken to Riker’s Island prison to begin serving his sentence for weapons violations.

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Cheddar Plax Demonstrates Handgun Safety 101


Look, if you had one shot -- one opportunity -- to take an illegal handgun into a night club, then shoot yourself in the leg to jeopardize your multi-million-dollar contract, then spend 90 minutes trying to find a hospital that will treat your wound discreetly, then give that hospital a fake name and say the incident happened at an Applebee's.

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