The CW Rallies Behind ‘Cheerleader Death Squad,’ Already Has One Cheerleader Picked


The CW has cast their first of many deadly cheerleaders in their 'Cheerleader Death Squad'.


Nobody Celebrated Harder Than The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders After The Team’s Playoff Win

By | 2 Comments

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were pretty damn excited after that playoff win.


Misogyny Runs Rampant In Buffalo According To Five Bills Cheerleaders

By | 9 Comments

Five Bills cheerleaders are suing the team over alleged discrimination and low wages.


Video: Rockets Cheerleader Ignores Dwight Howard

By | 12 Comments

Rockets center and glucose-heavy consumer Dwight Howard was mic'd up last night for Houston's big, 98-81, win over a short-handed Spurs team.

Molly Shattuck

An Ex-NFL Cheerleader Allegedly Sexually Assaulted A 15-Year-Old She Met On Instagram

By | 28 Comments

The NFL's oldest cheerleader, Molly Shattuck, has been charged with allegedly raping a 15-year-old boy.


Hey You Over There, We See You Creepin’ On That Cheerleader

By | 3 Comments

That awkward moment when you got caught red-handed creepin' on a cheerleader.


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘All Cheerleaders Must Die’, ‘Transcendence’

By | 25 Comments

What's new on Netflix and streaming: July 24th, 2014. Johnny Depp wants you to stop all the downloadin' in 'Transcendence.'


People Are Furious At This Blonde College Cheerleader Who Kills Safari Animals

By | 142 Comments

Kendall Jones is a notorious blonde cheerleader, but not for the reason you think.


The New Jersey Cheerleader Who Sued Her Parents Is Returning Home

By | 28 Comments

Rachel Canning and her family are going to have quite the awkward reunion.


A Cheerleader In New Jersey Is Suing Her Parents Because They Won't Pay For Her College Education

By | 37 Comments

An 18-year-old cheerleader has filed a lawsuit against her parents because they won't pay for her to go to college. Her parents disagree.


A Girl With Down Syndrome Had Her Dream Come True Thanks To Her High School’s Cheerleading Team


A high school cheer squad in Idaho helped a girl with Down syndrome fulfill her dream by making the team and cheering on her school's sports.


The Oakland Raiders Are Being Sued By Their Own Cheerleaders, Because Of Course They Are

By | 11 Comments

The Oakland Raiderettes, cheerleading team for the Oakland Raiders, are suing the team for not paying them overtime, business expenses and lack of breaks.


Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Are Now Hurling Themselves From The Top Of EverBank Field

By | 6 Comments

Jaxson de Ville and the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders went rope-swing ziplining across EverBank Field, because it's fun, and what else are they doing?

Takeru Kobayashi

Kobayashi Took On Portland State’s Cheerleaders In A Wiener Eating Contest

By | 7 Comments

To promote the basketball team's season tickets, Portland State had Takeru Kobayashi compete against cheerleaders in a hot dog eating contest.


Meet Patience Beard, The Cutest Amputee Cheerleader With A Zebra Leg In College Football History

By | 6 Comments

Arkansas Razorbacks cheerleader Patience Beard happens to be an amputee with a zebra-print prosthetic leg, and she's awesome.


Florida’s Stunt Fest Will Entertain You Slash Make You Feel Super Inadequate

By | 3 Comments

Florida's Stunt Fest, a gathering of cheerleaders and way-too-intense gymnasts, will entertain you and make you feel like a fat, uncoordinated POS.


Want These Women To Date You? Win $1,000,000 Playing Fantasy Football With Draftstreet


Draftstreet is giving 40 lucky fantasy football players a chance to travel to Las Vegas and compete for almost 2 million dollars in prizes. Whoa.

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