A Cheerleader In New Jersey Is Suing Her Parents Because They Won't Pay For Her College Education


An 18-year-old cheerleader has filed a lawsuit against her parents because they won't pay for her to go to college. Her parents disagree.


A Girl With Down Syndrome Had Her Dream Come True Thanks To Her High School’s Cheerleading Team

A high school cheer squad in Idaho helped a girl with Down syndrome fulfill her dream by making the team and cheering on her school's sports.


The Oakland Raiders Are Being Sued By Their Own Cheerleaders, Because Of Course They Are


The Oakland Raiderettes, cheerleading team for the Oakland Raiders, are suing the team for not paying them overtime, business expenses and lack of breaks.


Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Are Now Hurling Themselves From The Top Of EverBank Field


Jaxson de Ville and the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders went rope-swing ziplining across EverBank Field, because it's fun, and what else are they doing?

Takeru Kobayashi

Kobayashi Took On Portland State’s Cheerleaders In A Wiener Eating Contest


To promote the basketball team's season tickets, Portland State had Takeru Kobayashi compete against cheerleaders in a hot dog eating contest.


Meet Patience Beard, The Cutest Amputee Cheerleader With A Zebra Leg In College Football History


Arkansas Razorbacks cheerleader Patience Beard happens to be an amputee with a zebra-print prosthetic leg, and she's awesome.


Florida’s Stunt Fest Will Entertain You Slash Make You Feel Super Inadequate


Florida's Stunt Fest, a gathering of cheerleaders and way-too-intense gymnasts, will entertain you and make you feel like a fat, uncoordinated POS.


Want These Women To Date You? Win $1,000,000 Playing Fantasy Football With Draftstreet

Draftstreet is giving 40 lucky fantasy football players a chance to travel to Las Vegas and compete for almost 2 million dollars in prizes. Whoa.


Important News: The Most Consecutive Back Handsprings Record Has Been Shattered

The most consecutive back handsprings record has been broken yet again, this time by a high school cheerleader hitting 40.


Play With Leather And Draftstreet’s Free Fantasy Football, Win $1000, Be Happy Forever

With Leather and Draftstreet are teaming up to bring you NFL week 2 free fantasy football, where you can win $1000 and be happy forever. Hooray, money!


At Last, The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Blurred Lines Parody You’ve Been Waiting For

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and mascot teamed up for a Robin Thick 'Blurred Lines' parody video, well after that was needed or necessary.


Meet The 335-Pound Cheerleader Being Looked At College Football Recruiters


I'd like to know the first thing that popped into your brain when you read "335-pound cheerleader.


Dirk Nowitzki Can’t Get No Satisfaction, Not Even With Mavs Dancers Driving

Have you ever wanted to hear Dirk Nowitzki sing the Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction' while driving around in a car with the Dallas Mavericks dancers.


The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Made A Video Set To Taylor Swift’s 22


Last year, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders were a huge driving force behind everyone and their mothers making those “Call Me Maybe” videos that totally never got old at all.

xmas ape

The Dolphins Cheerleaders Make Taylor Swift Bearable


This appears to be a new annual tradition of the Dolphins cheerleaders, making the songs of summer into sexy lip-synchs.


VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor’ Looks Pretty Interesting


As much as I watch and overanalyze television, I had no clue that VH1 still produced original series, let alone scripted dramas and not hokey reality series about musicians you’ve never heard of (although Bands Reunited was one of the greatest TV shows of any kind in the history of the medium, but that’s another discussion for another UPROXX site).


Let’s Watch Mike Tyson Perform At The Tony Awards For Some Reason

Want to watch Mike Tyson emerge from a pack of cheerleaders and do boxing-themed dance moves in a James Bond tuxedo with Doogie Howser.

xmas ape

Jaguars Cheerleaders Are Already Adjusting To London


Roger Goodell said on Tuesday that the league may ask the Jaguars to play two games a year in London, even if the team has already indicated that it has no interest in doing so.

Oh, Just Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Poehler High School Cheerleader Photos


Nothing says internet like unearthing high school photos of celebrities.

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