the final chapter

The ‘Resident Evil’ Film Franchise Will Supposedly End With The Sixth One


'Resident Evil' will end with its sixth film. At least until the reboot.


‘Captain America’, The 1990s Version, Comes To Blu-Ray


Yes, there was a Captain American movie made in 1990. And it's even worse/funnier than you might think.


The “Judge Dredd” Remake Just Fired Its Director?

The first response of any sane human being, upon hearing that somebody is trying to make another "Judge Dredd" movie, is "why.

the darkest hour

"Darkest Hour" Aliens Look Like "Predator" Owls?

SlashFilm took the trailer for "The Darkest Hour", the upcoming Christmas cheesefest, and pulled out some stills to see whether or not the aliens were purely energy beings.

this gets produced and we can't get a second Firefly movie?

"The Darkest Hour" Looks Like a Hilarious Cheesefest

Here's how to tell a sci-fi movie or tv episode has a low budget: the enemy is invisible.

this is how they sell stuff in Europe?

“Batman Live!” Has Some TV Ads?

So, while "Spider-Man: Turn Offs Include Men Who Come On Too Strong" has been proving the Marvel Curse that used to afflict the films now applies to stage shows, "Batman Live.


“Cube” Director Remakes “Species”


There are two kinds of summer movies: hugely expensive blockbusters, and cheesefests starring formerly respected actors who are just picking up a paycheck to support their heroin habit.

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