Papa Cissé Scored The Goal Of His Life Against Chelsea

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Points are a vital commodity in the EPL's tight chase for Champion's League contention.

Xavi Hernandez

Lionel Messi & FC Barcelona As The Little Giants

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<a href=""> Any recent soccer coverage (especially from that of a non-football site) must make mention of Lionel Messi. Over <a href="">the past month</a> in particular, <a href="">the play</a> of the little Argentine has suggested that he could be the greatest soccer player ever—at 22, mind you.


European Soccer Preview 2009-2010: The Big Three

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Football talk dominates the headlines now (especially with <a href="">Vick landing in Philly</a>), but across the pond, the coming weekend brings about the dawn of the futbol season in England.


Your Champion League Futbol Report

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The cruel thing about soccer is that in an instant, 180 minutes of hard-won domination can be rendered useless.

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