Talking Without Words: A Look Back At How The Writers Strike Nearly Crippled The 1988 Academy Awards


Before Jon Stewart took the stage in 2008, the 1988 writers strike completely crippled the Oscars and then-host Chevy Chase.


‘SNL’ Where Are They Now: The 1970s

By | 8 Comments

In honor of 'Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary special, we took a look back at the cast from the 1970s and where they are now.


‘Vacation’ Stars Chevy Chase And Beverly D’Angelo Are Reuniting For ABC Sitcom

By | 6 Comments

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are playing a couple that's definitely not the Griswolds (but totally is) on an ABC sitcom.


A New Jersey Highway Sign Was Hit By ‘Christmas Vacation’-Loving Pranksters


A New Jersey prankster changed a turnpike sign to read "Clark Griswold" instead of Clark and Westfield.


Chevy Chase Is Returning To ‘Community,’ According To Chevy Chase

By | 23 Comments

Pierce is dead, but Chevy Chase is returning to "Community"?


Check Out Your Latest Reminder That ‘Community’ Will Be Returning Soon


The cast is on set, scenes are being shot, marketing is happening. 'Community' will be back soon, folks.

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‘Caddyshack’ Quotes People Use So Often You Probably Forgot They’re From ‘Caddyshack’

By | 18 Comments

Everyone goes about their lives speaking in 'Caddyshack' quotes. They may not even realize it.


A Look Back At Hollywood’s Spectacular History Of Failed Celebrity Talk Show Hosts

By | 37 Comments

From Chevy Chase to Zach Galifianakis, some celebrities always belong on the opposite side of the desk from the actual talk show talents.


Here’s Why ‘Fletch Lives’ Isn’t A Terrible Movie

By | 14 Comments

'Fletch Lives' stands out as one of Chevy Chase's most under-loved films, but maybe people are being too harsh.


Chevy Chase’s 4-Step Plan For Getting Your Workplace Staff To Hate You

By | 36 Comments

Chevy Chase is a genius when it comes to pissing off everyone around him. Here's his guide on how to make your co-workers hate you.


Leslie Mann Will Play Audrey Griswold In The New ‘Vacation’ Movie

By | 20 Comments

Leslie Mann has signed on to star alongside Ed Helms in the new 'Vacation' sequel that isn't a reboot.


The ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ Reboot Is Back From The Dead

By | 19 Comments

Charlie Day and Chris Hemsworth join the newly revived reboot of 'National Lampoon's Vacation.'


20 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’

By | 84 Comments

Pour a glass of egg nog and immerse yourself in Christmas trivia with the Griswolds. Cousin Eddie would want it that way.


‘Community’ Finally Found Their Replacement For Chevy Chase

By | 30 Comments

Say goodbye to Chevy Chase, say hello to Chevy Chase's "Community" replacement.

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The Genesis Of The Richard Pryor Sketch That Made ‘Saturday Night Live’ A Cultural Phenomenon

By | 28 Comments

How 'Word Association,' the edgy 'Saturday Night Live' sketch between Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor, came into being.


Here’s Tom Snyder Interviewing Lorne Michaels & The Original ‘SNL’ Cast Just Before The Show Premiered

By | 9 Comments

In late 1975, just before SNL premiered, the original cast appeared on Tom Snyder's show for a short interview. It's sort of surreal to watch.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Caddyshack 2′

By | 27 Comments

I was going to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel eventually in this 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days feature eventually, so I figured why not today.

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