Let’s All Laugh At Racism With Dave Chappelle And His Friend Chip

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"A black man will never dream of talking to the police high.


‘Vacation’ Reboot Stalled Over Disagreement about Rating

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The Vacation "reboot" (which actually sounds more like a sequel, but that's another story), has stalled over "creative differences," according to THR.


Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo May Reprise Their Roles In Rebooted ‘Vacation’

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In news that will delight fans of Old Navy commercials and enrage National Lampoon's Vacation purists, who feel that the series ended perfectly with 1997's Vegas Vacation, and to do another movie would be like pissing on Randy Quaid's legacy the way Canada did to.


SNL: Justin Timberlake Joins The Five-Timers Club


Justin Timberlake celebrates his fifth Saturday Night Live hosting gig with fellow members of the Five-Timers Club, including Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and Chevy Chase.


Dan Harmon And Jason Sudeikis Prank-Called Chevy Chase, With Sudeikis Pretending To Be Joe Biden

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During a Harmontown event in Brooklyn, "Community" creator Dan Harmon and Jason Sudeikis left Chevy Chase a terrible prank call.


‘Community’ Has A Plan In Place For Chevy Chase’s Exit

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All the latest information about how "Community" plans to handle Chevy Chase's abrupt departure from the show late last week.


The Role That Chevy Chase Left ‘Community’ For (And The Morning Links)

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Chevy Chase left "Community," one of the best shows on TV, for an Old Navy commercial, and the rest of the Morning Links.


Chevy Chase Is Leaving 'Community'

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Chevy Chase is leaving "Community" effective immediately.


Chevy Chase Had Another Outburst On The ‘Community’ Set Yesterday, Used The N-Word

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We're all mad that "Community" isn't back yet, but c'mon Chevy, have some perspective.


Try To Guess If Chevy Chase Still Has Things To Say About ‘Community’

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In case any of you were wondering, Chevy Chase still has thoughts about 'Community.' Lots of them. That he's willing to share with you and everything. At length.

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The 10 Most Bitter Behind-The-Scenes ‘SNL’ Feuds

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A list of the most bitter behind-the-scenes feuds at "SNL," including Norm vs. Chris Kattan, Chevy vs. Bill, and Lorne vs. Everyone.


'Community' Fan Creates Video Game Inspired By Dan Harmon's Reddit AMA, Makes 'Community' Writer Cry

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A Redditor created a free 8-bit game based on 'Community' creator Dan Harmon's description of the scene Chevy Chase refused to film.


The Best Of Dan Harmon’s Reddit AMA

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Dan Harmon, the ousted 'Community' creator, answered questions on Reddit for nine hours. We attempt to summarize, with .gifs where relevant.

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Bill Murray Unveils His Hologram On Letterman, Talks Chevy Chase And 'Ghostbusters 3'

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From the moment I saw the names "Murray" and "Letterman" juxtaposed in WG's "What's On Tonight" post I knew exactly how I'd be kicking off Friday morning.


Ranking All 68 Episodes of 'Community' from Awesome to the Awesomest

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Tonight "Community" is running three episodes culminating in the season finale.


Chevy Chase Is Still a Relentless Insufferable D*ck

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We don't know yet whether "Community" will be renewed next season, but as Josh warned in the last hour, if it is, it's likely to get a shortened season.


Chevy Chase on 'Community': It's a 'F*cking Mediocre Sitcom'

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Celebuzz obtained a voicemail that Chevy Chase left Dan Harmon sometime last year, in which the cranky comedian calls “Community” a “f*cking mediocre sitcom” and says, “I want people to laugh, and this isn't funny.


Dan Harmon Apologizes for Being Such a 'Bonehead'

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"Community" creator Dan Harmon — who you might have heard doesn't much care for Chevy Chase these days — took to his Tumblr to explain that a) yes, he's the world's greatest monster since Hitler, and b) he's very sorry about what he did.


Children Used As Napkins (And Tuesday Morning Links)

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Yes, that's Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas picking his nose and wiping it on a child's face.

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