Here Is A List Of Every Synonym For “Pass” That Doc Emrick Used In Game 1 Of The Stanley Cup Finals

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Way, way, way back on Wednesday, June 12, the NHL hosted Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks, and after what felt like an eternity, the ‘Hawks wrapped up a 4-3 triple overtime victory.


Taylor Stevens And Her Giant Boobs Are Still Here For The Los Angeles Kings

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Last night, the Los Angeles Kings avoided falling into a seemingly insurmountable deficit to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals by defeating them 3-1 in front of a fiery home crowd.


NHL Flashback: Jeremy Piven Reflects On Growing Up As A Chicago Blackhawks Fan

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Actor and living miracle of hair growth Jeremy Piven has always reportedly been a Chicago sports fan, as John Cusack’s longtime sidekick was born in New York but raised in Evanston, Illinois.


Danica Patrick Wants To See Hockey Fights, Is Suddenly Great At Hockey


Danica Patrick was first woman to start on the pole at the Daytona 500, led a lap and finished in 8th place.


The Chicago Blackhawks Had A Tremendous Amount of What Now?


The Chicago Blackhawks are up 1-0 on the Minnesota Wild, and they don't even care about the tremendous amount of sex they had in the regular season.


The Vancouver Canucks Green Men Magic Hour, Featuring Niklas Hjalmarsson

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Niklas Hjalmarsson of the Chicago Blackhawks suffered a great indignity on Monday night.


Behold, The Kinda-Racist Rockford IceHogs ‘Los IceHogs’ Poncho Hockey Jersey

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"Fiesta" your eyes on the Los IceHogs jersey, a special-occasion alternate for the AHL Chicago Blackhawks affiliate Rockford IceHogs.


No Way He Did This Without Tearing Every Muscle In His Body


Yep, that's Frank Thomas shooting the puck at a Chicago Blackhawks game and not immediately collapsing in agony.


And For No Reason, Here’s What Taiwan Thinks About The NHL Playoffs

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My favorite part of NMA World Edition's recap of the rising violence in the NHL Playoffs should be players drowning each other, morphing into literal devils and damage-dealing penguins (.


So Is Everyone In Sports Doing The Ironic Sweater Thing This Year Or What

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If I'd been smart, I would've saved the awkward Arsenal Wishes You A Merry Christmas video and paired it up with this clip of the Chicago Blackhawks making goodhearted, ironic fools of themselves for a holiday-themed white folks in Christmas sweaters Friday Face-Off.


Todd Bertuzzi Brings East Bay Funk To Preseason Hockey

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The adjective the announcers use to describe this goal is Datsyukian ("of or relating to Pavel Datsyuk"), but to me it was absolutely Isaiah Riderian.


Best Of Luck, Mustached Americans

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The American Mustache Institute has announced its list of 19 finalists for this year’s Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year.


'I Went To A Wedding And A Hockey Fight Broke Out'

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While I find the ritual of marriage to be generally positive and beneficial to the advancement of mankind, I generally think weddings are stupid, overpriced and just offensive.


Children Remix Cup Celebration

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There's nothing like a child sports fan.

Stanley Cup Finals

Chris Pronger Has Very Sexy Legs

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With the Philadelphia Flyers on the verge of Stanley Cup elimination on their own ice at the Wachovia Center, the attention has been turned away from tonight’s Game 6 in Philly and focused on the Chicago Tribune’s latest attempt at sports rivalry humor – a graphic portraying “Chrissy” Pronger in a skirt, and declaring that he “Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane.


Blackhawks Pull Ahead 2-0 As Flyers Display Textbook Hockey Masochism


After a high flying game one that severely deviated from both teams' style of play, game two of the Stanley Cup playoffs reverted back to the hard nosed brand of hockey everyone was expecting.


Hoc-key? It’s A Chicago-Philly Final

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The Stanley Cup Final will deliver a marquee matchup for the third straight year.

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