Check Out Lady Gaga And Her Fiancé Doing The Polar Plunge In Chicago


All the boys went shirtless, while Gaga took the plunge dressed in black. Because Gaga.


Rappers Doing Good: Chance The Rapper Helps Raise $100K For Chicago Schools

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Chance The Rapper helps raise money to better schools in his Chicago hometown.


Chicago Strip Club Rewarded For Helping Beautify The Neighborhood

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Chicago strip club recognized for doing good in the neighborhood.

Violence In Chicago

President Obama Answers A Chicago Teen’s Christmas Wish For Safety

By | 13 Comments

A Chicago teen gets President Obama's attention with a special Christmas wish.


Morton Factory Wall Collapses, Salt Avalanche Ensues

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Witnesses say the amount was potentially a ton or more, or the amount found in your average dinner at Chili's.


Meet The Teen Who Was Allegedly Fired For Requesting Time Off For Cancer Treatment

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Jonathan Larson asked for six weeks off. Rosebud told him not to come back instead. Now Larson wants an apology from the restaurant.


Screeching Weasel Is Trying To Get Its Female Fans To Fight CM Punk In Real Life

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CM Punk didn't like Screeching Weasel's frontman Ben Weasel hitting women. Now, Weasel wants women to hit Punk. Wait, what?


Here’s What It Looks Like When Wrigley Field’s Bleachers Get Torn Down

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The historic Wrigley Field is undergoing some changes and they involve demolition and possibly a Billy Goat.


Stephanie McMahon Responds To A Question About CM Punk’s Future Like The Boss She Is

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Stephanie McMahon tries to promote important breast cancer awareness issue, still can't escape questions about CM Punk.


Derrick Rose Donates $1 Million To Chicago After-School Charity

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The former MVP has faith in Chicago's youth. About seven figures worth.


CM Punk Went To Riot Fest And All We Got Was This Lousy Blog Post

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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk attended Riot Fest this weekend, and got on stage to sing backup for the Bouncing Souls.


Watch This News Crew Get Distracted By The Incredible Hulk In Someone’s Backyard

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This poor homeowner, in addition to dealing with Illinois floods, will soon have General Ross on his case.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

This Is What Chicago’s Soldier Field Looks Like For The US World Cup Game

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Soccer fans are out in full force across the U.S., but Chicago really showed up to support the USMNT at Soldier Field.

#video games

The City Of Chicago Is Out To Make ‘Watch Dogs’ A Reality

By | 3 Comments

'Watch Dogs' is a fantasy. Except for that whole "entirely networked city" part. Chicago's starting that this year!

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