Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Probably To Ruin Your Rush Hour Commute!

A chicken walked into a busy Portland street this week and it was no laughing matter.

#Star Wars

The Star Wars Chicken Coop Is Here And It’s Incredible

A poultry farmer in Oregon built a chicken coop out of an old Star Wars billboard.


A Florida Town Is Being Terrorized By Angry Chickens And The Local News Report Is Perfect


Fort Myers’s local Fox affiliate has the important news report and it is perfect.


Mercedes-Benz Dancing Chickens Commercial

Mercedes-Benz' latest commercial uses "dancing" chickens to promote the stability of their new suspension system.

urban farming

Hipster ‘Urban Farmers’ Are Responsible For Homeless Chickens Across The United States


Calling themselves "urban farmers", hipsters throughout the U.S. are responsible for the increased homelessness of chickens intended for egg-laying.


‘Chicken’ Prankster Zings Loud Neighbors With Unsecured Wireless Printer


Loud neighbors getting you down? If they have an unsecured wireless printer, you could (hypothetically, of course) print this helpful document for them.


Chicken Goat

This goat sounds exactly like a chicken.

#jimmy fallon

All-Clucking Version of The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey”

Nick Offerman and Blake Shelton join Jimmy Fallon and they cluck their way through "Ho Hey.


And Now, A Chicken Ruining (Improving?) Soccer


If you aren't already privy to his legend, meet the Blackburn Chicken.


Chinese Chicken Lays Massive, Surprise-Filled Eggs

A chicken in the Chinese village of Guizhou has been laying eggs that weigh nearly half a pound (three-times a regular egg) and contain combinations of yolks and additional eggs.


Chicken Exercising? Chicken Exercising. Because ART.

Meet Mamika and Bob, subjects of photographer/conceptual artist Sacha Goldberger, as seen on Faith Is Torment.


Florida Friday: How About A Nice Story For Once?


As UPROXX”s resident Florida expert, I need to point out that not everything that happens in my beloved state full of morons is bad.


Laughing Roosters

The funniest clips of roosters laughing hysterically, all in one video.


Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

It's perplexed humanity for centuries.



What's inside this giant chicken egg.


Chicken Goat

This goat does an amazing impression of a chicken.


Dog Selling Chickens

This dog will sell you a chicken.


These Links Get All The Chicks

Today's links, featuring a kitten who gets all the chicks and a couple more chick magnets competing for chick-pulling supremacy.

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