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Chief Keef Bails On Breast Cancer Event, Gets Hit With Lawsuit For $26K

By | 22 Comments

The bigger question is who the hell would book Sosa for a breast cancer event?


Hate Being Sober: Judge Sentences Chief Keef To 90 Days In Rehab

By | 14 Comments

Please update your records as Keef keeps gaining on DMX as rap's leader in legal issues for 2013.


Chief Keef – Almighty So Mixtape

By | 5 Comments

Chief Keef hand delivers Almighty So, Sunday music for the shooters only.

Young Dro

Young Dro Ft. B.o.B, Wale & Chief Keef – “FDB” (Remix)

By | 3 Comments

If <a href="">the first remix</a> wasn't your flavor, Young Dro offers a different spin on "FDB," this time featuring B.


Chief Keef – “Citgo” Video + ‘Bang Pt. 2′ Mixtape

By | 27 Comments

I thought "Macaroni Time" was <a href="">the most inaudible Chief Keef song ever</a> but "Citgo" takes the cake.

Trap House 3

Gucci Mane Ft. Chief Keef – “Darker” Video

By | 7 Comments

Gucci has been one busy Mane lately, and his latest move is to drop off his mini-motion picture for "Darker" with Chief Keef.


Migos Ft. Chief Keef & Ballout – “9 On Me”

By | 6 Comments

Migos has a song dedicated to Tony Romo.

The Police Blotter

Arrest Warrant Issued For Chief Keef Today, June 19, 2013 #3Hunna

By | 18 Comments

Staying out of the cross-hairs of law enforcement and judges is becoming an everyday struggle for Chief Keef.

The Police Blotter

Chief Keef Arrested Today, June 17, 2013 #3Hunna

By | 17 Comments

Chief Keef must be going for some sort of record because the young Chicago rapper was arrested again earlier today.


We Might Possibly Get Blessed (Or Cursed) With A Chief Keef x Drake Song Soon #3Hunna

By | 10 Comments

Chief Keef continues to solicit <a href="">collabs on Twitter</a>.


Chief Keef Has A New Song, And Yes, It’s As Inaudible As You Thought It Might Be #3Hunna

By | 25 Comments

Chief Keef releases a video that also serves as debut for his song "No Reason.

#Kanye West

Prepare To Hear Chief Keef On Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’

By | 15 Comments

Sounds like Kanye West went home to Chicago for at least one record on Yeezus.


Katy Perry Offends Chief Keef, Chief Keef Tells Katy Perry To Suck His D*ck, Katy Perry Apologizes #3Hunna

By | 48 Comments

Just heard a new song on the radio called "I hate being sober" I now have serious doubt for the world.

The Police Blotter

Fresh Outta Jail On Bail: Chief Keef Arrested, Released In Georgia

By | 12 Comments

Hanging around Gucci Mane's already seems to be having a negative influence on Chief Keef.


Gucci Mane Ft. Chief Keef – “Darker”

By | 12 Comments

Well, if they are <a href="">playing chess</a>, GuWop just made a move on Waka's knight.


After Kicking Waka Out, Gucci Mane Adds Chief Keef To Brick Squad

By | 23 Comments

Chief Keef newest member of Bricksquad1017 bmg gbe mpa <a href="">#turnup</a> <a href="" title="">…</a>— Gucci Mane (@gucci1017) <a href="">May 8, 2013</a> <a href="">Gucci Mane's tweet</a> says it all.

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