Stop Everything: Winnie Cooper and DJ Tanner Are Going To Be On This Season Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

By | 24 Comments

Will the inclusion of your childhood crushes be enough to make you tune into 'Dancing with the Stars'? Probably not, but let's discuss anyway.


There’s A Penis Hidden In A Scene From ‘An American Tale: Fievel Goes West’

By | 14 Comments

Thanks to some Internet snooping, a penis drawing was found on a single frame during a scene in 'An American Tale: Fievel Goes West.'


Bad News, Fellas: Porn Star Christy Mack’s LEGO ‘Contest’ Isn’t Happening

By | 40 Comments

Some lawyers didn't take too kindly to porn star Christy Mack's sexually-charged LEGO contest, so she had to rescind her Twitter offer to fans.


Michael Bay's Edgy 'Ninja Turtles' Script Has Leaked, And Yup, It's Terrible

By | 19 Comments

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fansite claims they have a copy of Michael Bay's "Ninja Turtles" script, and it's as awful as we thought.

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