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This Bus Driver Demonstrates Why You Should Never Start A Fight With A Bus Driver

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This Chilean bus driver wasn't sticking around to let these guys attack him, so escapes and makes sure they can't follow in one swift move.


A Chilean Radio Station Was Forced To Apologize After A DJ Received A Rimjob On The Air

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People were outraged at Chilean radio station Top 40 after one of their DJs received a rimjob live on the air and Tweeted it out.

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Chilean Striker Mauricio Pinilla Will Never Forget His World Cup Miss Against Brazil Because It’s Tattooed On His Back

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Some athletes would be pretty bummed about missing a huge shot, but Mauricio Pinilla is really positive about his lost World Cup glory.

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Watch As This Man Frantically Tries To Stop An Out Of Control Elevator From Crashing Into The Roof

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A malfunction caused this elevator to race up 31 stories in 15 seconds, giving this Chilean man the scare of his life.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Cerveza Cristal’s Pro-Chile World Cup Ads Are Hilariously Terrifying

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Chile's soccer fans have a reason to laugh at the 2014 World Cup's 'Group of Death' in these wonderful Cerveza Cristal commercials.


A Horrible Week Of Soccer Bullsh*t Ends In a Riot Between Fans, Players, Ball Boys, Swat Teams

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We use the "REASONS TO HATE SOCCER" tag pretty liberally at With Leather, but this has been one of the worst-ever weeks to be a soccer fan.


Today In Positive Soccer News: Chilean Fans Tried To Beat A Referee To Death


It's pretty sad that I have to preface every soccer violence story with an, "at least nobody tried to kill them with grenades" thing, but here we are.


Exoplanet Discovered Only 4.3 Light-Years Away In Alpha Centauri, Our Closest Neighbor

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The closest star system to our sun, Alpha Centauri, has at least one exoplanet orbiting it, and it's broken some records already.


10 Amazing Sports Predictions For This Week

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I think we all need to take a seat, maybe form a circle and just relax for a few minutes.


Man Getting Hit By Football

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Or as we would call it in the United States, "Man Getting Hit By Soccer".


‘I Call It The MEX Games’

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This is acutally helmetcam footage of a BMX racecourse in Chile, not Mexico, but props to Ufford on the headline anyway.


Now That’s A Fantastic Soccer Flop

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Bryan Carrasco plays for the Chilean under-20 national soccer team and today he is well on his way to becoming a global Internet superstar.


Brad Pitt Wants to Make Chilean Miner Movie

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You probably don't remember this story, but a couple weeks back, there were these Chilean miners, and they got trapped in a mine (the who went what now.


Watch the Chile Miner Rescue

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In one of the more remarkable news stories of the year, the first of the Chilean miners trapped underground were rescued last night.


Tipping Point: More People Now Get Their News Online Than In Print


A Pew Research study asked over 3000 American adults where they got their news yesterday, allowing them to list all sources.



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About 75 of you have sent me this story about the Chilean Olympic weightlifter who didn't realize she was preggers until she gave birth in the middle of a training session to a preemie.



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// This is the trailer for Mandrill, which is sort of like the Chilean James Bond.

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