‘House Of Cards’ Is Huge In China! For A Pretty Terrible Reason! Probably!

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"House of Cards" basically confirms everything Chinese propaganda says about U.S. politics. So ... there's that.

Tyler Michell

Meet The Kid Who’s Become A Minor Chinese Celebrity For Looking Like Benedict Cumberbatch

By | 3 Comments

There's a kid from England who looks just like Benedict Cumberbatch. Lucky bastard...


Google Will Soon Replace Chinese Factory Worker Slaves With Robots

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Google robots are being looked at to finally make buying your smartphone a bit less guilt-inducing.


Let’s All Take A Field Trip To The ‘Sherlock’-Themed Cafe In Shanghai


Shanghai loves "Sherlock," and especially Benedict Cumberbatch, more than you.


Stephen Colbert Took Down The Chinese ‘Colbert Report’ Rip-Off Last Night And It Was Glorious


"Evidently there is a new TV show in China inspired by me. And by 'inspired by' I mean 'in flagrant violation of intellectual property rights.'" -- Stephen Colbert


A Chinese Company Rewarded Its Employee Of The Year With A Night With A Porn Star

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An unnamed company in China decided that in lieu of cash, the year-end bonus for the Employee of the Year would be a night with a porn star.


This Chinese Millionaire Has A Business Card That Puts Patrick Bateman’s To Shame

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Chen Guangbiao's business card is better than your business card.


A Chinese Man Trumps Your Marriage Proposal By Building A Giant Transformer Replica For His Girlfriend

By | 7 Comments

If you thought your marriage proposal was special, a man from China takes it to the next level by constructing a robot to win his lady love.


You’re Never Going To Guess Where The ‘Go USA’ Olympic Mittens Were Made

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Get ready for some controversy, as the 'Go USA' mittens being sold by the U.S. Olympic Committee have a 'Made in China' label.


A Chinese Man Killed Himself At A Shopping Mall Because His Girlfriend Wouldn’t Stop Shopping

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Just stay home and watch football this holiday season, fellas. Shopping with your girlfriend is hazardous to your physical and mental health.

#jimmy kimmel

Now The White House Has To Address The ‘Kill Everyone In China’ Kimmel Controversy

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After the petition reached the required 100,000 signatures this morning, the White House must address the controversy over Jimmy Kimmel's China sketch.

Toxic Smog

Pollution In China Is Making It Hard To Live, Spy, Read Blog Posts, Etc.


High levels of pollution in China are posing serious health concerns for citizens while impeding government security efforts throughout country.


A Chinese Movie Theater Mistakenly Displayed A Fan-Made ‘Thor 2′ Poster That’s Basically Slash Fiction

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Gaze deep into the warm, not-at-all-weird embrace of Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tom Hiddleston, minus Natalie Portman.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Is Known As ‘Traveling Corpses, Walking Meat’ In China

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Let's all move to China, where "The Walking Dead" has a far better title.

#jimmy kimmel

Asian-Americans Are Comparing Jimmy Kimmel To Hitler Over This ‘Kill Everyone In China’ Skit

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China is not taking kindly to a six-year-old boy's suggestion to kill everyone in their country on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."


Meanwhile, In China: People Are Eating Cockroaches — AKA The New 'Miracle Drug' — For Medicinal Benefits

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The Chinese are breeding cockroaches on cockroach farms for medicinal purposes, because of course they are.


These damned triads won't leave Michael Bay alone!

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At this point I'm not sure what's better, the multiple extortion attempts on the Hong Kong set of Trans4mers, or Michael Bay's accounts of those attempts, where reality is refracted through the lens through which Michael Bay sees the world, where everyone is a punk or a slut or a clown, and Michael Bay is a lionhearted action hero.


This Chinese Drive Bootleg DVD Cover is Amazing + Morning Links

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Remember when <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/10/woman-sues-drive-for-not-being-enough-like-fast-and-furious" target="_blank">someone sued</a> because Drive wasn't enough like Fast & Furious.


Chinese Authorities Are Battling Those Giant Venomous Hornets With Spray-Can Flamethrowers

By | 14 Comments

Chinese authorities are fighting off a wave of giant venomous hornets by torching their nests with flamethrowers in the middle of the night.

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