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These damned triads won't leave Michael Bay alone!

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At this point I'm not sure what's better, the multiple extortion attempts on the Hong Kong set of Trans4mers, or Michael Bay's accounts of those attempts, where reality is refracted through the lens through which Michael Bay sees the world, where everyone is a punk or a slut or a clown, and Michael Bay is a lionhearted action hero.


This Chinese Drive Bootleg DVD Cover is Amazing + Morning Links

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Remember when <a href="" target="_blank">someone sued</a> because Drive wasn't enough like Fast & Furious.


Chinese Authorities Are Battling Those Giant Venomous Hornets With Spray-Can Flamethrowers

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Chinese authorities are fighting off a wave of giant venomous hornets by torching their nests with flamethrowers in the middle of the night.


Is Anyone Really Surprised That Justin Bieber Was Carried Up The Great Wall Of China?

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After celebrating making it to the top of the Great Wall of China, Justin Bieber apparently had his bodyguards carry him.


Chinese Signs Lost In Translation


These Chinese signs really got lost in translation.


Chinese Op-Ed: ‘Pacific Rim degrades Chinese as monster eaters’

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Pacific Rim has the rare distinction of grossing more in China than in the US, earning more than <a href="" target="_blank">$106 million</a> in just three weeks there, while having grossed a shade less than that here, despite higher ticket prices and a much earlier opening.


One Million American Cockroaches Escaped From A Chinese Farm

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One million American cockroaches escaped a Chinese roach farm in Jiangsu. Now you have that image in your head. You're welcome.


You’ll Never Guess What Breed Of Dog A Chinese Zoo Tried To Pass Off As A Lion

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A zoo in China is in trouble for pretending a dog was a lion.


Chinese Fan Weeps After Seeing Kobe Bryant


A Chinese man cries uncontrollably during a news interview as he tries to talk about spotting Kobe Bryant.


Chinese Biker Takes Mattress Home In Style


A Chinese man carries his new mattress home with two hands.

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Pacific Rim Sequel Probably a Go After Record-Setting Opening in China

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In shocking news <a href="" target="_blank">no one </a>could've foreseen, <a href="" target="_blank">Pacific Rim</a> is super popular in Asia.


A Woman Got Stuck In A Wall For 7 Hours, And Everyone Thought She Was A Ghost

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Is that a ghost, or a middle-aged Chinese woman stuck in the wall? It's best to check.


Chinese Dad Turns Himself Into a Swing


This dad will stop at nothing to make his little girl happy, even if it means turning himself into a human swing.

life imitating art

Technician in China accidentally broadcasts porn in public square

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A banned porn film was recently broadcast on a giant LED screen for 10 minutes in a public square in China, and according to the BBC, it was all because a tech didn't realize his computer was still connected to the LED screen.


Jennifer Lopez Performed At A Birthday Party For The 'Repressive' President Of Turkmenistan

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While her people deny that she knew of a history of human rights violations, Jennifer Lopez sang 'Happy Birthday' to the president of Turkmenistan.


That Can Happen!? Woman’s Breast Implant Ruptures While Gaming.

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A woman in Beijing reportedly suffered a ruptured breast implant after laying on her stomach in bed during a gaming session lasting longer than four hours.


Father Rams Son's Car, Then Chases Him on Foot in China


A Chinese man rams his black Mercedes into the side of his son's BMW, and the bizarre dispute doesn't end there: Both men escape the crash on foot and the father procedes to chase his son through the crowded intersection.


Airport Worker In China Gives No F*cks, Loads Luggage By Throwing It Onto Plane

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This airport worker does NOT care about his job. Or anything, really.

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