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Embrace Our Sexy Overlords: The New Bikini Parade World Record Belongs To China

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Last year, we brought you <a href="">the brave news of 357 Australian women</a> who gathered to raise awareness for the lack of women wearing bikinis on a beach one day while they also broke the Guinness World Record for the longest bikini parade.


Little Girl's Close Call


Surveillance cameras capture a little girl narrowly escaping serious injury (if not death) in China after falling off her parent's motorcycle and almost being run over by a moving car.


Boy Gets Head Stuck in Window


A three-year-old boy in China got his head stuck in the protective frame of one of his home's windows Tuesday.


If Your Summer Wasn't Already Ruined, Here Comes The Facekini

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Allow me to introduce you to FACEKINI, the bikini you wear on your face.


Chinese Farmer With No Hands Built His Own Bionic Replacements

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Sun Jifa, a 51-year-old farmer in China, lost both hands in an explosion and has spent the last eight years building new bionic hands.


Boy With Head Stuck in Stone Balcony Freed


A Chinese boy gave himself -- and authorities in Hezhang County -- a bit of a headache on Sunday.


Chinese Bootleg’s Subtitles For ‘The Avengers’ May Be Better Than The Movie Itself

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The subtitles on a Chinese bootleg of 'The Avengers' are hilariously incorrect. We've collected 13 of our favorite mistranslated scenes here.


Watch Out For Chinese Panda Bears And Their Giant Steroid Syringes

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We share a lot of <a href="" target="_blank">NMA World Edition's ridiculously animated, absurdist news recap videos</a>, but their latest (about world record Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen) brings up an interesting question of how Asian and Pacific Island nations view each other, and whether or not cultural or racial prejudices get in the way of objective reporting.


The 20 Best Samuel L. Jackson Olympics Tweets (So Far)

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One of the strangest and most precious gems from this weekend was discovering that Pulp Fiction slash The Avengers slash Star Wars slash everything else star Samuel L.


If You Use Fake Arcade Tokens You're Going To Jail (If You're Chinese)


A woman in China has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for using fake arcade tokens. Harsh.


Chinese News Report Confuses Fleshlight for a Rare Mushroom

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"Xi'an Up Close," an investigative journalism series that airs in China, recently ran a report about residents of the Liucunbu village digging a "soft, slimy object that looked like a plant" out of the ground.


Humpday Mashup Dump


[<a href="">Context</a>.


Chinese Play Trick, Cut 13 Minutes out of Men in Black 3

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You'd think buying an entire film franchise for his son and setting it in China and letting the <a href="" target="_blank">Chinese government sponsor it</a> and making it about Kung Fu instead of Karate would be enough for Will Smith to get a pass from Chinese censors, but apparently they didn't take too kindly to a scene in Men in Black 3 where a Chinatown restauranteur turns out to be an alien.


This Week In Awwwesome: Stray Dog Travels Across China With Cyclists

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Chinese student Zhang Heng and some friends decided that they wanted to celebrate their recent graduation with a 1,833-kilometer (or roughly 1,136 miles if you’re normal) bike ride from the city of Kangding in the Sichuan province to Lhasa, Tibet.


Foxconn Workers Rumored To Be Slightly Less Underpaid Next Year


Currently, the Chinese farmer who left the family land to seek his fortune, if he doesn't wind up getting brutally exploited in some other horrible way, will turn up at Foxconn, where he'll get a job that pays him, oh, $346 a month or so.


Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, And Andy Lau May Play Sexy Scientists In ‘Iron Man 3′


Iron Man 3 is scheduled to start shooting in North Carolina next month and release May 3rd, 2013, so casting is being wrapped up now.

bo xilai

Chinese Security Thinks It’s Anonymous, Hacks A Website It Hates


<a href=""></a>The Chinese government really hates the Internet, for all sorts of reasons.

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