China halts all Django Unchained screenings for ‘technical reasons’

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Just a few days ago, stories went around about Tarantino supervising a cut of Django Unchained that would pass Chinese censors.


Apparently Dogs Wearing Pantyhose Is All The Rage In China Right Now

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This is an unfortunate trend: dogs wearing form-fitting pantyhose.


Eccentric Billionaire Now Filling His ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort With Dinosaur Robots

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Clive Palmer's plans to clone dinosaurs for a Jurassic Park may have fallen through, but that won't stop him from ordering hundreds of dinosaur robots.


Chinese Chicken Lays Massive, Surprise-Filled Eggs


A chicken in the Chinese village of Guizhou has been laying eggs that weigh nearly half a pound (three-times a regular egg) and contain combinations of yolks and additional eggs.

hacking hackers

Report: Chinese Military Hackers Targeting US Electric Power Grid, Oil And Gas Pipelines And Water Suppliers

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You may recall a couple of weeks ago we told you about the New York Times and Wall Street Journal both being hacked by Chinese hackers. Well, it looks like the Chinese military was behind it all.


‘Spaceballs’ Gag Is Now Reality: Eccentric Chinese Millionaire Selling Canned Air in Smog-Filled Beijing

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A Chinese multi-millionaire's newest stunt is selling cans of clean air to Beijing residents. Perri-Air?

Planet Homebuddies

The Chinese Version Of ‘Friends’ Premieres Next Month And Is Called ‘Planet Homebuddies’

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EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. WE HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS: The Chinese version of "Friends" premieres online next month and it is called "Planet Homebuddies."


China cuts 40 minutes of Cloud Atlas, directors promote it there anyway

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Tom Tykwer and <a href="" target="_blank">The Wachowski Starship</a>'s Cloud Atlas (<a href="" target="_blank">my review</a>) recently had 40 minutes shaved from it by mainland China's strict censors.


Our Hero: The Guy Who Secretly Outsourced His Own Job To China So He Could Watch Cat Videos

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In a daring act of laziness, a man outsourced his job to China and paid his contractors 20% of his paycheck. Guess what he did with that free time.

sticking it to the man

Chinese Censor Lays Out Exactly What's Going On In Chinese Social Media


Heavy-handed censorship begets more heavy-handed censorship in China... and one censor has had enough.


VIDEO: A Chinese Girl In Knee-High Boots Disarms A Suicidal Woman By Kicking Scissors Out Of Her Hand

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Here is a Chinese news report about a cute girl in knee-high boots and short shorts disarming a suicidal woman by kicking scissors out of her hand.


Dog Rides Bikes, Scooters, and Exercise Balls


A two-year-old pup entertains pedestrians in China with an array of tricks.


The Most One-Finger Pushups in 30 Seconds


Xie Guizhong sets a new Guinness World Record with 41 one-finger pushups in 30 seconds -- shattering the previous mark of 25.


Jackie Chan sounds like a bit of a fascist again

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Jackie Chan has a bit of a history of working with Chinese <a href="" target="_blank">government-financed film companies</a>, and as we know, the Chinese government has <a href="" target="_blank">some strict rules</a> about what it will allow in its movies (Chan also has a history of <a href="" target="_blank">endorsing some shady products</a>, but that's another story).


Let’s Forget About 12/12/12 Facebook Status Updates In The Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring a snow trooper moving on after the Star Wars are done, Ned Stark commenting on 12/12/12, and an awesome cotton candy artist.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC On Fuel 6

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Since <a href="">we last discussed Saturday’s UFC on Fuel 6 event</a> – you know, the one with <a href="">the brand new ring girls</a> that more than make up for a lack of Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste – there has been another change of note to the preliminary fight card.


China Still Loves You, Tracy McGrady


In a moment so full of passion for the NBA that I can only assume it was stolen from a David Stern wet dream, Tracy McGrady recently landed in China, where he will play for the Qingdao Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association, as he is the next in the distinguished line of former NBA players to finish his career in the Far East.


Chinese Man Claims He Can Perform Hadoukens

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Welp, time to pack it up, UFC and Strikeforce, because there’s a new breed of fighter out there and his name is Zhang Feng.


Cat Cosplay: One Cat Portrays Nine Lives Of Anime Characters For His Birthday

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A woman in China celebrated her cat's birthday with cat cosplay using cardboard and anime character drawings. That was a perfectly normal sentence.

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