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All Hell Broke Loose After A Harvard Business Professor Was Overcharged $4 For Chinese Food

By | 45 Comments

What should have been a simple back-and-forth between a customer and a restaurant manager devolved into something really ugly.


This San Francisco Chinese Restaurant Worker Was Filmed Slamming Slabs Of Meat On The Sidewalk

By | 3 Comments

This San Francisco Chinese restaurant has found itself in some hot water over its policies regarding frozen meat.


Science Proves You Want Your Chinese Restaurant To Be Disgusting

By | 12 Comments

Why are there so many sketchy Chinese places? Consumer psychologists have discovered it's a marketing tactic. Really.


There’s A Museum in Beijing Dedicated Entirely To Roasted Duck

By | 5 Comments

It's true: the delicious delicacy is honored with its own elaborate exhibit.

patrice wilson

The Genius Behind ‘Friday’ Is Back With His Creepiest Music Video Yet

By | 18 Comments

Oh good. Patrice Wilson is hanging around with little kids again in "Chinese Food."


Chinese Pizza


The manly food maestros at EpicMealTime demonstrate how to properly pile Chinese food -- lots of it -- onto their custom dough.

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