Chipotle Apologized For The Nasty Things Hackers Used Their Twitter Account To Say

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First Chipotle tried to trick customers into eating a tofu burrito in exchange for a free one at a later date.


Chipotle Will Give You A Free Burrito… If You Try A Tofu One First

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Would you like a free Chipotle burrito? The catch is that you have to try a tofu one first.


Chipotle Removed Pork From Their Menu Temporarily, So Naturally People Blamed Muslims

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Chipotle removed pork from some of their menus after discovering subpar meat prep, but folks online know the real culprit: Muslims.


The CEO Of Chipotle Thinks Competition From Taco Bell And Rival Fast Food Chains Is ‘A Joke’

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Chipotle CEO Steve Ells isn't worried about Taco Bell or other fast food chains taking away any of their business.


There’s A Chipotle Crisis At Penn State And Everybody’s Losing Their Burrito-Loving Minds

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A Chipotle has closed at Penn State and people aren't taking the news very well.

newark delaware

From The State That Brought Us The Dumpster Sex Couple, Now Comes The Chipotle Mexican Grill Sex Couple

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Another Newark, Delaware couple have been caught publicly having sex, which just goes to show that Newark, Delaware is too sexy for its own good.


Even The NRA Thinks It’s A Bit Weird That Folks Want To Carry Their Assault Rifles Into Restaurants

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The NRA released a statement admitting that some of the actions of open carry advocates "can be downright scary."


Good News For Bad Guys, Chipotle Has Banned Guns From All Of Their Stores

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What is the gun toting, burrito loving warrior to do now? Go to Taco Bell?


Chipotle To Print Short Stories By Famous Authors On Their Cups, Twitter Responds Accordingly

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Chipotle is launching a new initiative by publishing short stories on their cups for customers to read while eating.


Polish Your Monocles, Because Taco Bell Is Going Fancy On Our Asses

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Taco Bell is going after the Chipotle crowd now with a new restaurant in Huntington Beach known as the U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Tap Room.


Frank Ocean Is Being Sued By Chipotle Because That’s A Thing That’s Happening

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Frank Ocean is being sued by Chipotle. Yep, you angered the wrong God, Ocean.


So Chipotle — Yes, That Chipotle — Is Making A Comedy Series For Hulu About Exploding Cows

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Chipotle is producing a comedy series for Hulu titled "Farmed and Dangerous" that will push an anti-factory-farming message by blowing up a crapload of cows.

Willy Wonka

Fiona Apple Sang ‘Pure Imagination’ From ‘Willy Wonka’ In A Chipotle Ad

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Fiona Apple singing in a Chipotle ad? Fiona Apple singing in a Chipotle ad.

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