The Chopped Hate-Watch Recap: Celebrity Holiday Bash

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I continue to watch Chopped even though I hate it now and it just infuriates me. The least I can do is live-blog my breakdown.


What's On Tonight: Jon Stewart Returns To 'The Daily Show,' 'Luther' Returns To America

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including Jon Stewart's return to "The Daily Show," and the American premiere of Season 3 of "Luther."


What’s On Tonight: The Season Premiere Of ‘The L.A. Complex,’ For Some Reason

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Wait, what? The first season of this show premiered IN APRIL and received literally THE WORST RATINGS EVER, and it's SECOND SECOND is starting THREE MONTHS LATER? The CW is a strange place.


Drew Magary Wants To Be A Contestant On 'Chopped'

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If there are two things I love in this world, they would be (a) watching the Food Network and (b) hijinks of all shapes and sizes.


What's On Tonight: A Hair-Raising 'Justified'

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Justified (FX) - I could not possibly be more excited about the prospect of a Dickie Bennett/Boyd Crowder collaboration.


What’s On Tonight: Carla Gugino on ‘Justified’

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Justified (FX) - Carla Gugino is on tonight's episode.

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