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Chris Brown Ordered To Spend A Month In Jail After Bragging About 'Guns And Knives' Skills In Rehab

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Chris Brown was ordered to stay in jail for a month after a judge refused his request to be released to a new rehab facility.

chris brown

Chris Brown Was Kicked Out Of Rehab Only To Come Out And Get Arrested

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Chris Brown threw a tantrum in rehab and violated his parole. L.A. is safe...for now.


The Hollyweird Legal Round Up: Chris Brown’s Fake Community Service and Rupert Murdoch’s Divorce

By | 15 Comments

In this week's Hollyweird Legal Round-Up, FilmDrunk's legal correspondent takes on Chris Brown, Rupert Murdoch, and all the scum fit to bag.

chris brown

Of Course Justin Bieber Found The Most Obnoxious Way To Defend Chris Brown. Of Course.

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Justin Bieber spray painted "FREE BREEZY" on a wall, because of course he did.


Mike Tyson On Chris Brown: ‘I’m Really Worried About Him, He’s A Sweet Kid’

By | 8 Comments

Mike Tyson offered some unsolicited advice to Chris Brown during a radio show interview this morning.

chris brown

Chris Brown Arrested Again, This Time For Felony Assault

By | 23 Comments

Bad boy singer Chris Brown was arrested for felony last night, his third probation violation of the year.

chris brown

With Leather’s Watch This: Michael Wacha Offered His Best Fozzy Bear Impression

By | 3 Comments

If there are two things that I love more than anything else in this world, it’s the Muppets and dominating St.

chris brown

Chris Brown Compared Himself To Prince, Is Very Proud That He Lost His Virginity At 8

By | 10 Comments

Somehow, Chris Brown comparing himself to Prince is only the 14th worst thing he's ever done.

chris brown

Chris Brown Had A Seizure, And It’s All Our Fault

By | 28 Comments

Oh boy, do we have some explaining to Chris Brown to do.

chris brown

‘Tired Of Being Famous For A Mistake’, Chris Brown Will Now Take His Ball And Go Home (FINGERS CROSSED!)

By | 16 Comments

Chris Brown says he's "tired of being famous" and that his next album will be his last. Good riddance, dickhead.


Playboy’s All-Star Party Was Star-Studded… And Corey Feldman Was There

By | 18 Comments

On Monday night, dozens of athletes and celebrities who couldn’t get passes to the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby gathered at the Playboy Mansion for the annual BTE All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party, which serves as sort of a precursor to the MLB All-Star Game and the ESPY Awards, which take place tonight at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, and will be hosted by Jon Hamm, who is a St.

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Walking Kerfuffle Chris Brown Just Can’t Help Himself, Gets Charged With Hit & Run By LAPD

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Chris Brown is like Pigpen from Charlie Brown, perpetually walking around engulfed by a dark cloud of dust and debris.

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Rihanna Is Allegedly Going To Love Rehab To Get Over, Ugh, HIM

By | 4 Comments

Free yourself from the disease known as Chris Brown, Rihanna.


Chris Brown Got Dunked On, And The World Clapped Its Hands

By | 9 Comments

<a href=""></a>Insert your own tacky Rihanna joke here.

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Amanda Bynes Tweet To Rihanna: ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough’

By | 18 Comments

Although the Tweets have been deleted, Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior by Tweeting at Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her because she is ugly.


Did Will.I.Am Plagiarize His New Single? All Signs Point To Yes.

By | 14 Comments's "Let's Go" sure sounds a lot like Arty and Mat Zo's "Rebound." Because they're the same song.

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Chris Brown’s 5-Step Guide On How To Talk To Women

By | 11 Comments

Chris Brown shared some interesting ideas on how to talk to women at a recent concert in Hollywood.

chris brown

How Will The Chris Brown And Rihanna Tragedy End, According To 'Law & Order: SVU'?

By | 26 Comments

Last night's episode of "Law & Order: SVU" was about fake "Chris Brown" and fake "Rihanna." How does the NBC series think their story will end?

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