Ed Rendell

Ed Rendell Called Out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie For Being A Dallas Cowboys Fan

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According to Ed Rendell, being a Cowboys fan from Jersey indicates a basic inferiority complex.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Ripped Chris Christie For Vetoing A Bill That Would Allow Pigs To Move Around On Pig Farms

By | 4 Comments

Chris Christie vetoed a bill unpopular in Iowa, where he hopes to gain support for a presidential run. Jon Stewart isn't happy.


Watch Jim Carrey Play It Safe And Test David Letterman For Ebola

By | 2 Comments

After he's done a couple of press tours, Jim Carrey welcomes death. But he's trying to be safe during this 'Late Show' appearance.

john mccain

Video: John McCain Is A Dancing Machine And Nothing’s Gonna Slow Him Down


Watch as Senator John McCain schools the Apollo Nightclub at doing the robot.

#jimmy fallon

Bruce Springsteen Was Born To Mock Chris Christie With Jimmy Fallon On ‘Late Night’


Bruce Springsteen joined Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" to sing about Chris Christie.


Colbert Sums Up The Chris Christie Bridge Scandal: ‘It’s My Way Or I Shut Down Your Highway’

By | 10 Comments

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to perfectly summarize 2014's best political scandal so far, the Chris Christie bridge scandal.


Jon Stewart Applauds Chris Christie For The ‘Dickishness’ He Exhibited In The GW Bridge Scandal

By | 22 Comments

Jon Stewart to Chris Christie: "Backing up bridge traffic doesn't punish Fort Lee's mayor. It punishes people trying to get the f*ck out of Fort Lee."

The Sopranos

James Gandolfini's Sopranos Co-Stars Among The Many People Who Paid Tribute At His Funeral

By | 11 Comments

Among the many friends, family members and fans who attended today's funeral service for James Gandolfini were his co-stars and friends from The Sopranos.


Chris Christie orders New Jersey’s flags flown at half mast for James Gandolfini

By | 13 Comments

We're still holding out hope that the <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/06/james-gandolfini-dead-of-stroke-at-51" target="_blank">dearly departed James Gandolfini</a> will eventually return to us as Gandolfini The White, but as we mourn in the meantime, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has ordered his state's flags lowered to half mast in Gandolfini's honor.

fat guys

Chris Christie Ate A Donut On Letterman Last Night, Could Barely Fit Into The Guest’s Chair

By | 11 Comments

I'm seriously worried about Chris Christie dying on us if he doesn't lose some weight. Dude needs to dial back on the donuts.


Watch Chris Christie Giggle Like A Schoolgirl As He Describes Hugging Bruce Springsteen

By | 3 Comments

Christie's description of the hug he gave Springsteen made me LOL pretty good. Meanwhile, Stewart seemed genuinely jealous.

hurricane sandy

Bruce Springsteen Made New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Cry

By | 6 Comments

At long last, Bruce Springsteen finally acknowledged Chris Christie, which made the gruff Christie break out into tears. AWWW!


Chris Christie Wishes The Best For The Nets

By | 6 Comments

Last night, the New Jersey Nets played their last game ever as residents of the Prudential Center, as they wrapped up a lackluster 22-43 season with a 105-87 spanking at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers.

whitney houston

Race, Gender & The Real Problem With Honoring Whitney Houston

By | 8 Comments

<a href="http://www.salon.com/2012/02/21/the_real_problem_with_honoring_whitney/singleton/">Salon:</a> ".

Reality TV

NJ Governor Vetoes ‘Jersey Shore’ Tax Break

By | 11 Comments

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has stripped "Jersey Shore" of a tax credit used to lure TV and film productions to the state.

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