We're Through The Looking Glass, People: Chris Kluwe Wore Google Glass To Training Camp

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Chris Kluwe wore Google Glass to Raiders training camp, and if you ever thought combining Madden with 'Mirror's Edge' would be fun, here you go.


Conan's Tiger Woods / Paula Deen Mash-Up Is Hilarious Nightmare Fuel


Yesterday, two days ago <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/06/chris-bosh-talked-to-conan-about-photobombing-bridges-and-ancient-tim-duncan" target="_blank">Conan O'Brien had Chris Bosh on</a> and discussed a lot of important stuff, like playing in the NBA Championships against your idol and how to avoid being decapitated by a bridge during your victory parade.


The NFLPA LGBT Tees Are Cool And Full Of Letters

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The NFL Players Association has <a href="http://shop.nflpa.com/LGBT-Pride-Vintage-T-Shirts-_-1883192843_PG.html" target="_blank">added a line of LGBT Pride vintage t-shirts to their One Team Store</a>, featuring Scott Fujita, Chris Gocong, Terrell Suggs, Donte Stallworth and more.

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Links: Expectations Versus Reality

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Like that scene with the awesome Regina Spektor song in 500 Days of Summer.


Morning Links: Cavs Vs. Cubs

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A few things, because this worked well on the wrestling post.


Chris Kluwe Is The Voice Of Reason

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Heading into the weekend, there was a good feeling in the sports world that the NFL Lockout was so close to lifting and that we wouldn't have anything to worry about.

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