The Chris Kluwe Truth Train

Kluwe and Vikings Hug It Out, Settle Lawsuit


Kluwe and the Vikings settle, giving funds to LBGTQ charities.

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A sneak peek at Chris Kluwe’s new book


Chapter Five: Why Twilight Sparkle is the best pony

The Chris Kluwe Truth Train

Closeted Report Unlikely to Come Out Anytime Soon, Kluwe To Sue Vikings


Why are the Vikings hiding their harassment and discrimination report?

Washington Redskins

Redskins VP of PR Comments on Vikings Debacle: “I think we should stay out of this, but we’d also like to put all the gay people on an island and bomb them”


ASHBURN, VA - Washington Redskins Vice President of Public Relations Tony Wylie responded to a media inquiry on Thursday in regards to yesterday's Chris Kluwe Deadspin guest post by saying, "I'm not really sure how this story is relevant to the Washington Redskins football organization or the goals we have in place.

The Chris Kluwe Truth Train

Chris Kluwe Claims He Was Released By Vikings For Supporting Equal Rights – UPDATED


Former Minnesota punter and PFTCommenter guest Chris Kluwe dropped a bombshell of a piece on Deadspin today alleging the reason he was let go from the Vikings was because of his vocal support for equal rights.

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Jason Collins & Liars in Ties

While doing research for another column here at Dime, I had a sudden thought out of the blue: "Has Jason Collins signed with anyone.

The Chris Kluwe Truth Train

Chris Kluwe’s No Holes Barred KSK Interview With PFT Commenter


I had the opportunity to sit down with former Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Cooley.


We're Through The Looking Glass, People: Chris Kluwe Wore Google Glass To Training Camp


Chris Kluwe wore Google Glass to Raiders training camp, and if you ever thought combining Madden with 'Mirror's Edge' would be fun, here you go.


Conan's Tiger Woods / Paula Deen Mash-Up Is Hilarious Nightmare Fuel

Yesterday, two days ago Conan O'Brien had Chris Bosh on and discussed a lot of important stuff, like playing in the NBA Championships against your idol and how to avoid being decapitated by a bridge during your victory parade.


The NFLPA LGBT Tees Are Cool And Full Of Letters


The NFL Players Association has added a line of LGBT Pride vintage t-shirts to their One Team Store, featuring Scott Fujita, Chris Gocong, Terrell Suggs, Donte Stallworth and more.

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Links: Expectations Versus Reality


Like that scene with the awesome Regina Spektor song in 500 Days of Summer.


Morning Links: Cavs Vs. Cubs


A few things, because this worked well on the wrestling post.


Chris Kluwe Is The Voice Of Reason


Heading into the weekend, there was a good feeling in the sports world that the NFL Lockout was so close to lifting and that we wouldn't have anything to worry about.

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