The LEGO Movie Sequel

‘Community’ Director Rob Schrab Will Helm ‘The LEGO Movie’ Sequel

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TV director Rob Schrab has signed on to direct 'The LEGO Movie' sequel, set to hit theaters in 2018.


Director Chris Miller Says The ‘Jump Street’/’Men In Black’ Crossover Is An Idea That ‘Makes You Think’

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In a new interview, Chris Miller has offered some more words on the Jump Street/Men in Black crossover idea.


Everything Is Awesome, Even In The Honest Trailer For ‘The LEGO Movie’

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Honest Trailers takes on the surprisingly-heartwarming LEGO commercial made feature film, 'The LEGO Movie'.

Men In Black

A ‘Men In Black’ And ’21 Jump Street’ Crossover

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Apparently '23 Jump Street' will be with aliens instead of in medical school.


Darkness! No Parents! LEGO Batman Is Getting A Spin-Off Movie, And Soon.

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If you thought Will Arnett's sarcastic, self-important, Bale-parodying Batman was the highlight of 'The Lego Movie', get ready for this.


LEGO Movie Directors Lord And Miller May Direct An Asperger’s Rom-Com

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LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller may direct a film about a homonym for what your mom eats.

23 jump street

Sony Pictures Is Making ’23 Jump Street’ Because Money, Money, Money!

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Sony Pictures has given the green light for '23 Jump Street,' with or without Phil Lord and Chris Miller directing.


Here’s The Full Version Of The Hilarious Song Batman Sings In ‘The LEGO Movie’

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"DARKNESS! NO PARENTS!" The full version of the funny song Batman (Will Arnett) sings about himself in 'The LEGO Movie' is here.


The First Trailer For ‘The LEGO Movie’ Comes Together

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We were already intrigued by The LEGO Movie's "what god did I please?" cast, and now the first trailer has arrived.


Check Out Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt in the Official Trailer For ‘The LEGO Movie’

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Chris Pratt leads an A-list team of voices in the official trailer for The LEGO Movie.


'The LEGO Movie' Has A Trailer And Everyone We Love Is In It

By | 15 Comments

The first trailer and poster are out for Warner's 3D animated 'The LEGO Movie' starring an absurdly awesome cast.


Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, Will Ferrell, And Liam Neeson Join ‘Lego: The Piece Of Resistance’

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'Lego: The Piece of Resistance' adds four more actors to the already ridiculously awesome cast.


Morgan Freeman And Elizabeth Banks Lending Their Dulcet Voices To The LEGO Movie


Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks joining the cast of 'LEGO: The Piece Of Resistance' along with Will Arnett, Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, and maybe Channing Tatum.


Will Arnett And Channing Tatum As LEGO Batman And Superman?

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We're getting all sorts of cool LEGO Batman and Superman stuff lately.


Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill Confirmed For 21 Jump Street

By | 7 Comments

A few weeks ago, Vinnie brought you news that Channing Tatum had been rumored to star in a movie version of the 80s TV classic show 21 Jump Street.


Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street Might be the Most Perfect Casting Ever

By | 14 Comments

Wow, if you ever want to waste an hour or two, go down the Google Image Search rabbit hole that is "21 Jump Street.

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