the black crowes

The Black Crowes Are Breaking Up And It’s Just So… Hard To Handle

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Because of disputes over money and control of the band, The Black Crowes are breaking up again, and this time it's probably for good.

No I.D.

Nas – “Daughters” Video

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Nas and director Chris Robinson bring <a href="">"Daughters"</a> full circle with the accompanying video.

Rick Ross

Monica Feat. Rick Ross – “Anything (To Find You)” Video

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There's a right and a wrong way to start off a Monday.


Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake – “Moment 4 Life” Video

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<a href=""> Photo: <a href="">Derrick G</a> For as many <a href="">head scratching moments</a> as Nicki's platinum debut Pink Friday may have had, respect is given where it is earned.


Jamie Foxx Feat. Drake – “Fall For Your Type” Video

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<a href=""> Regardless of risking negative connotations of stereotyping like being accused of being shallow, we men simply like what we like. Which always doesn't lead to the best outcomes in the various relationships, but playing it safe isn't really living, now is it? Ironically, Jamie Foxx knows what he likes yet continues to roll with the odds by recruiting the sureshot Drake to lead the charge for his promoting his album, Best Night Of My Life. <a href="">Mr. Foxx</a> is very busy entertainer and he doesn't have time to worry about needless technicalities like writing songs or exclusive album release dates.


Big Boi – “Shutterbug” Video

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<a href=""> One thing I've always respected about <a href="">Big Boi</a> was his patience.


Ludacris Feat. Trey Songz – “Sex Room” Video

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<a href=""> Luda's <a href="">Battle Of The Sexes</a> came and went like a one night stand, barely leaving a hickey on your iPod.


50 Cent Feat. Ne-Yo – “Baby By Me” Video

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Let the campaign for <a href="">Before I Self Destruct</a> get underway.


Wale Feat. Lady Gaga – “Chillin'” Video

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Ladies and gentleman, Wale and Lady Gaga.

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