The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/27/12: I Wrote This Column On My Wrist

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Pre-show notes, largely copy and pasted from last week (just like Raw.


Morning Links: The Hive Is Open For Dot Biz

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We've endorsed him for New Orleans Hornets owner before, but comedian-slash-pro-wrestling-manager-slash-Air-Sex-Pioneer-slash-everything-else Chris Trew should already be running the team and throwing together Alonzo Mourning handshakes for pregame festivities.


Chris Trew Wants to Save the Hornets from David Stern

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The Chris Paul drama has touched on the fact that the New Orleans Hornets do not have a true owner - the NBA owns them.


The Best And Horrifically Worst Of The 2011 Air Sex World Championships

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(note: This image of Air Sex World Championships host and future pro wrestling manager of the decade Chris Trew hyping up the crowd is the most safe-for-life image I could use from this year's event.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Vengeance 2011

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It's like somebody photoshopped out Brock Lesnar.

#bill murray

The Best Thing To Happen To The Hornets Since Larry Johnson Was A Grandmother

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If NBA ownership was decreed based on thoroughness of beard, this guy would own the entire league.

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