MMA Roundtable: Which Fighter Had The Performance Of A Lifetime?

An expert panel of MMA fans discuss the best and worst performances inside a cage.

UFC 187

UFC 187 Live Discussion: A New Champion Will Be Crowned


UFC 187 is a huge PPV with two titles on the line. Let's talk about all the action that goes down inside the cage!

UFC 187

UFC 187 Predictions: Who Is Leaving Las Vegas As The New Light Heavyweight Champion?

The Uproxx Sports crew of experts and geniuses predict how every single fight on UFC 187 will go down.

UFC 187

Chris Weidman Thinks Vitor Belfort’s Steroid Test Results Are Fishy


The results of random testing undergone by both fighters have been released, and the champion has a few questions regarding the challenger's levels.


UFC’s Chris Weidman Wants To Punch Floyd Mayweather And Justin Bieber

UFC champ Chris Weidman told Katie Nolan that he would enjoy punching both Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber.


UFC 175 Results And Live Discussion: Can Chris Weidman And Ronda Rousey Defend Their Titles?


Chris Weidman and Ronda Rousey look to defend their titles at UFC 175, while BJ Penn will try to beat Frankie Edgar at the TUF 19 Finale.


UFC 175 and TUF 19 Finale Predictions – WE CARE ABOUT THESE FIGHTS


Will Chris Weidman be able to defend his UFC Middleweight title at UFC 175? Our panel of brilliant experts weighs in.


Chael Sonnen Was Right, Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Him At UFC 175


Wanderlei Silva has been dropped from UFC 175, which means that Chael Sonnen will now have to fight the furious Vitor Belfort.


The World Reacted To The Anderson Silva Leg Break With A Lot Of Screaming And Face-Covering


A bunch of MMA fans (including Ronda Rousey) are seen here reacting in face-covering horror to the Anderson Silva leg break.


UFC 168 Results: Did Anderson Silva Take Back His Title From Chris Weidman?


Here are the UFC 168 results, including two main event fights that will be talked about for a long time.


UFC 168 Live Discussion: Weidman-Silva II


Anderson Silva tries to win back his UFC Middleweight Title from Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in Las Vegas.


Anderson Silva Is Prepping For Chris Weidman At UFC 168 By Desperately Needing A Hobby

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is preparing for his UFC 168 rematch by lip-syncing early-00s hits.


Chael Sonnen Is Still Running His Mouth And Might Be Looking For A Shot At Chris Weidman


Chael Sonnen has been hyping his upcoming main event showdown with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1 – the debut of mixed martial arts on the No.


Anderson Silva Is Still Crying About That Fight He Lost On Purpose


At UFC 162, unbeatable superchamp Anderson Silva basically stood still and held up a giant sign that said HIT ME, CHRIS en route to losing his UFC Middleweight Championship to Chris Weidman.


10 UFC 162 Main Event Conspiracies That I Just Made Up Off The Top Of My Head


In case you didn’t join us for Saturday’s UFC 162 live discussion or you’re Amish, showboatin’ Anderson Silva dropped a turd in the hot tub that is his legacy by losing via second round TKO to Chris Weidman in the main event.

UFC 162

UFC 162 Results: Down Goes Silva! Down Goes Silva!


I won’t speak for anyone else who was watching UFC 162 with us tonight – or anyone that will eventually watch it, for that matter – but I am still genuinely shocked with the result of the main event at UFC 162 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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