Everyone’s Mad At Erin Andrews Because Of The Russell Wilson Interview

By | 58 Comments

Erin Andrews got blasted for her Russell Wilson interview. Was the criticism fair?

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Had The Perfect Reaction To Tamera Mowry’s Pregnancy Announcement

By | 21 Comments

Tamera Mowry posted a lame sponsored tweet to announce her pregnancy on Twitter and Chrissy Teigen totally burned her on it.


Chrissy Teigen Said Bye To Twitter After Receiving Death Threats Over A Tweet

By | 18 Comments

Chrissy Teigen is momentarily done with Twitter after her Followers acted like the horrible mongrels they are.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Got Drunk And Threw Out A First Pitch And That’s Why We Love Her

By | 28 Comments

If you're wondering who the best supermodel in the world is, look no further than Chrissy Teigen. A girl who gets drunk and throws out first pitches.


Chrissy Teigen Takes Modeling About As Seriously As It Deserves To Be Taken

By | 5 Comments

Chrissy Teigen knows modeling is ridiculous. That's why we like her.

#jimmy kimmel

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Models Tell Jimmy Kimmel What It’s Like To Be Gorgeous

By | 11 Comments

Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


SI Swimsuit Cover Model Chrissy Teigen Will Hold Everything And Everyone, Except You


Chrissy Teigen loves to hold things, but she won't hold you.


Who’s Gracing The Cover Of The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

By | 15 Comments

Is it Kate Upton? Is it Emily Ratajkowski? Is it both!? Or maybe it's really just three models with Barbie heads. Either way, here is the cover for 2014!


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Made An Air Safety Video For Air New Zealand

By | 2 Comments

Some of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models teamed up with Air New Zealand to make a delightful air safety video.


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Had A Party And You Weren’t Invited

By | 14 Comments

The models that have made the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a national institution celebrated the magazine's 50th anniversary last night.


Let Chrissy Teigen And Brooklyn Decker Introduce You To The ‘Vagina Raspberry’

By | 6 Comments

Famous attractive people Chrissy Teigen And Brooklyn Decker show off their move called the "Vagina Raspberry."


John Legend Ft. Chrissy Teigen – “All Of Me” Video

By | 8 Comments

Why does John Legend's wife* Chriss Teigen have her name featured in the title of his new video for "All Of Me".


Here Is A Video Of Chrissy Teigen In A Shower Of Skittles, Because Why Not?

By | 2 Comments

It's exactly what it sounds like: Chrissy Teigen. Shower. Skittles.


Here Are Some ESPY Awards Presented In A Ceremony Not Aired On TV Last Night

By | 20 Comments

In case you were just content with taking a night off from sports last night (or you didn’t want to see an already meaningless awards show become much more meaningless with the addition of Skip Bayless and Stephen A.


Chrissy Teigen Flagrantly Defies Social Media Rules, Posts Naked Pic Of Herself To Twitter & Instagram

By | 22 Comments

Chrissy Teigen don't care about your rules, Instagram. She'll post naked photos when she wants to.


With Leather’s Watch This: Yes We Cam

By | 9 Comments

It had been rumored for some time that one of our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models, Chrissy Teigen, had been selected to be The X Factor’s female version of Ryan Seacrest, and that would have been awesome, because she’s funny, intelligent and very easy to look at.

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