Christian Bale Supposedly Returns To The Batsuit For 'Justice League'

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Warners is now rumored to be doing what it really should have done all along.

Christopher Nolan

Rumor: Christian Bale will return as Batman in Justice League

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The Justice League rumor mill has been working overtime for months now - for years, if you count George Miller's thankfully-<a href="" target="_blank">scrapped attempt</a> to bring it to theaters - and with all the problems facing our country and planet, I can think of few things more important than the whens, hows, and whys of Superman broing down with Batman and Mighty Mouse.


The Internet’s 15 Best Tributes To Christian Bale

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A collection of the best Internet tributes to birthday boy Christian Bale.


VIDEO: Christian Bale talks to leukemia patient about Batman

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Here's a video of Christian Bale talking about Batman with an 8-year-old leukemia patient named Zach.


'Gotham High' Parody Masterfully Re-casts Batman Characters In A '90s Teen Movie

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'Gotham High' uses clips from earlier roles of the actors in Nolan's Batman trilogy to make a fake teen movie parody.


Christian Bale took a cancer kid to Disneyland

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People like to say our society loves tearing apart celebrities and standing by while they self destruct, but it's just as true that we like watching them do nice things and grant wishes to sick kids (this goes triple if the celebrity in question is Ryan Gosling or Bill Murray).


Batman Voice Lessons


Professional voice coach Dr Freeze (pronounced "Phrase") teaches you how to talk like Batman for just 4 easy installments of $19.


It gets better the longer you watch it.

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There's really no way to explain this, except to say that it's the best thing I've seen since <a href="" target="_blank">Parkour Dog</a> this morning, and the longer I watch it, the funnier it gets.


Christian Bale visits the Aurora Shooting Victims

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Christian Bale did the right thing and stopped by Aurora Medical Center in Colorado yesterday to meet with seven people being treated for their injuries from the shooting last Friday, even stopping to take a picture with Carey Rottman here, who's apparently some kind of Sox fan.

aurora colorado

Christian Bale Visited Aurora, Colorado Shooting Victims, First Responders And Medical Personnel Today

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Well, my personal opinion of Christian Bale has sure been enhanced after today. What a swell thing to take time to do.


On Reporting What Matters In The Aurora ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Tragedy

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We'd like to talk about the victims, how to help the community, and share the official statements released by Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Christopher Nolan.


Catwoman Gets Catty In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Clip And Pictures


A new clip from 'The Dark Knight Rises' shows Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) getting catty with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and we have 14 new pictures as well.


Let’s Celebrate The Opening Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ With Funny Pictures

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We've collected 40 'The Dark Knight Rises' parody pictures, many of them photoshopped by us, to celebrate the film which opens tomorrow.


'The Dark Knight Rises' Has A New Clip, SPOILER: Bruce Wayne Is Limping

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Either Christopher Nolan has relaxed his policies on keeping details about his films under tight wraps until they’re released or Warner Bros.


Crazy Actors Christian Bale And Nicholas Cage To Play Crazy Inventors Nikola Tesla And Thomas Edison

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Christian Bale and Nic Cage will be playing Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Hell yeah.


Two 'The Dark Knight Rises' Clips And A Pee Wee Herman Voice Dub Because Why Not?

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Warner has released two more clips from 'The Dark Knight Rises', and Pee Wee Herman also voice dubbed a trailer for Jimmy Fallon.


Batman Missed A Spot And Lt. Dangle Makes A Cameo In First Clip And New Ads For 'The Dark Knight Rises'

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We have the first clip from 'The Dark Knight Rises', a new trailer, and a TV spot featuring Thomas Lennon (Lt. Dangle from 'Reno 911'). RISE!


The Dark Knight Gets a Soundtrack, You Get a Boner

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One of the things Vince said to me, before peeling out of town in his specially modified Bio-Fuel VehiCross, was that I was supposed to "keep everyone informed about anything Hans Zimmer does.


'The Dark Knight Rises' In New Featurette, TV Spot, And Pictures

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We'll have to wait until July 20th to watch The Dark Knight Rises, but we have a 13-minute featurette and other assorted goodness to whet our appetites.

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