About The Time The Greatest Film Actor Of A Generation Literally Bowed Down To Aaron Paul

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The night before winning his Oscar for 'Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis met -- and bowed down to -- Aaron Paul.

betty draper

Our 15 Favorite ‘Mad Men’ Couples And Hookups

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The many women of Don Draper and men of Peggy Olson.


Christina Hendricks Thinks She’d Be The Perfect Fit For A Role On ‘Game Of Thrones’

By | 15 Comments

Christina Hendricks just keeps looking better and better, but how would she look in an outfit from 'Game Of Thrones?'


Read The Oral History, Then Watch Christina Hendricks Get 'Undressed'

By | 7 Comments

"There was a teenage oral sex thing that I’m still shocked we got on the air."


Christina Hendricks Is No Longer Playing A Stripper In ‘Dark Places’

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Two weeks ago, it was announced that Christina Hendricks <a href="" target="_blank">was going to play the “down-on-her-luck stripper”</a> Krissi Cates in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places, which is being directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner.


Christina Hendricks Wants To Answer Prayers And Get Cast In ‘Game Of Thrones’

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<a href=""></a>Words by <a href="">Alec Bojalad</a> Got your fainting couches ready, nerds and fans of voluptuous red-headed actresses.

Until ‘Mad Men’ Returns, You’ll Have To Settle For Watching Christina Hendricks Play A Stripper

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Christina Hendricks is going to play a stripper, which is all you need to know.


Let’s All Watch Tom Hiddleston Sing ‘The Bare Necessities’ Next To Christina Hendricks

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At D23, Tom Hiddleston sang "The Bare Necessities" next to Christina Hendricks. It was attractive.

#Mad Men

Christina Hendricks And Jon Stewart Dreamt Up A Joan Holloway Detective Spin-Off. Would Watch.

By | 13 Comments

Just a fun, intelligent conversation about one of television's finest dramas and the evolution of society in the 20th century. Also, CHRISTINA HENDRICKS TALKING.


Olivia Wilde Would Still Like To Play Wonder Woman

By | 26 Comments

Olivia Wilde said she'd love to play Wonder Woman in 'Justice League' and did the iconic pose. We also suggest other actors for the role, with photoshops.


Welcome To ‘Fat Hollywood’, Deviant ART’s Huge Obsession With Obese Actresses

By | 34 Comments

If I’ve learned anything in all of these years on this crazy spinning rock, it’s that the Internet is a place of many, many, many, many (a million times more) different tastes, and rather than try to understand them all, I should just accept most of them.


‘Mad Men’ Season Six Official Promo Pictures: Pete Campbell Has Sideburns Now

By | 24 Comments

The first promotional pictures from the sixth season of "Mad Men" are out, and HOLY CRAP Pete Campbell has sideburns now.


Reader Appreciation: Five Awesome Internet Finds From UPROXX Readers

By | 57 Comments

Tywin Lanniser reads '50 Shades of Grey' Unser on 'Seinfeld,' and more finds from the UPROXX readership.


Are You Distinctively Ugly? Willing To Go To Detroit? Ryan Gosling Wants You For ‘How To Catch A Monster’

By | 11 Comments

OK, so the Detroit thing might be a dealbreaker, but 'How to Catch A Monster' looks pretty interesting beyond that.


You Probably Shouldn’t Call Christina Hendricks ‘Full Figured’ When You’re Interviewing Her

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There are so many other words that work instead: gorgeous, talented, pretty, etc. etc. etc.


7.31 The Cooler

By | 16 Comments

Kiki Kayo Twitter Suspends Journalist For Ripping NBC To Shreds <a href="">[Uproxx]</a> Kat Dennings Is Christina Hendricks 2.


The Critics' Choice Awards Love 'Community,' 'Breaking Bad,' and Redheads

By | 14 Comments

The Critics' Choice Awards were handed out last night, and HOLY CRAP THEY GOT IT RIGHT.


A GIF Tribute to the Ladies of 'Mad Men'

By | 15 Comments

Haha, remember when season five of “Mad Men” began with those jerks dropping water balloons on the black picketers on the street below.

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