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You Probably Shouldn’t Call Christina Hendricks ‘Full Figured’ When You’re Interviewing Her

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There are so many other words that work instead: gorgeous, talented, pretty, etc. etc. etc.


7.31 The Cooler

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Kiki Kayo Twitter Suspends Journalist For Ripping NBC To Shreds [Uproxx] Kat Dennings Is Christina Hendricks 2.


The Critics' Choice Awards Love 'Community,' 'Breaking Bad,' and Redheads

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The Critics' Choice Awards were handed out last night, and HOLY CRAP THEY GOT IT RIGHT.

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A GIF Tribute to the Ladies of 'Mad Men'

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Haha, remember when season five of “Mad Men” began with those jerks dropping water balloons on the black picketers on the street below.

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20 Brilliant GIFs You Can Use in the Uproxx 'Mad Men' Discussion Posts

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"Mad Men" returned last night, and a few days ago, the staff of Warming Glow and the staff of Uproxx engaged in an epic wet T-shirt/mud wrastlin' contest to see which Sunday night shows we'd get to talk about on our respective sites.


Jon Hamm on Kim Kardashian: It Pays To Be a F**king Idiot

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In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, "Mad Men's" Don Draper called the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton idiots.

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Stop the Internet Presses: NSFW Photos of Christina Hendricks Leak Online

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We'll get to "Community" panels and "Game of Thrones" trailers and actual TV stuff later, but first, some REAL NEWS.


The Best Part Of Soccer Is All The Gay Tribesmen (+ Morning Links)

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Video full of dancing tribe guys gets "HOW IS THIS RACIST" comments, news at eleven.


3.2 The Cooler

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Lizz Lova by Urban Soul Photography Dwight’s Plight, An MVP Debate And Other Second-Half NBA Storylines [TSFJ] Make Every Tweet Count, It Could Be Your Last [Uproxx] Bangin' Candy: Meet Joe Budden's New Wifey Dazzle [Hip-Hop Wired] Christina Hendricks Dressed In Leather, Posing [...].


Thursday Morning Links Are Well-Informed, Extremely Political

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Is the Muslim Brotherhood trying to assassinate the Emperor.

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Christina Hendricks Was Adorably Goth In These High School Yearbook Photos

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If you liked seeing the yearbook photos for Louis C.K. and Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation), feel free to treat yo self to three pictures of Christina Hendricks being an endearingly awkward alterna-chick in high school.

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Christina Hendricks Hated High School

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In a recent interview with The Mirror, "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks discussed her unpleasant experiences as a high school student in Virginia: “My school days were pretty unhappy.


‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Teaser: Lock Up Your Daughters, Don Draper is Back

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It's been nearly two years since we've seen anything from "Mad Men," so this 30-second Jon Hamm teaser trailer is an exciting development, even if it doesn't offer anything in the way of season five details other than the fact that Don Draper will continue to drink, sex the ladies, and rock our collective worlds, presumably -- as hinted in the promo posters -- on his way to the bottom of a epic sex-and-booze downward spiral.


Jon Hamm Spills a ‘Mad Men’ Detail or Two

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With the premiere of "Mad Men's" fifth season just over a month away, the show's rabid fanbase is starting to wonder what kinds of antics to expect from everyone's favorite well-dressed drunks.

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Miss Piggy Was The Second Best Thing About The BAFTAs

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Yesterday, Vince whisked us away to the land of tea, lifts and driving on the wrong side of the road, with a review of Sunday night's BAFTAs (AKA The Oscars From Another Mother).

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