Bill Gates Participated In Reddit’s Secret Santa Gift Exchange And Sent A Woman A Loki Helmet

By | 12 Comments

Bill Gates once again participated in Reddit's Secret Santa gift swap and the lucky woman whose name he drew received an awesome package.

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This Guy’s Secret Santa Form Illustrates Why Workplace Secret Santas Are The Worst

By | 25 Comments

Nobody likes participating in the office Secret Santa, and this guy isn't sugarcoating it.


Madonna Reminds Everyone She Is Still Around With The Surprise Release Of Six New Singles

By | 6 Comments

Those who buy 'Rebel Heart' pre-sale on iTunes can download six new songs, as well as the privilege of knowing Madonna's still making music.


You Can Now Support Your Favorite WWE Divas By Looking Exactly Like Them

By | 13 Comments

Want to look like your favorite WWE Diva? You can with these hats, so long as you only like four Divas.

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A 'Super Mario' Inspired Climbing Box Is The Greatest Gift Your Cat Didn't Know It Needed


The amount of sheer win in this 'Super Mario' inspired cat climber is insane. All we need now is a human sized version to level the playing field.


This Kid Was Actually Pretty Happy With The Result Of His Parents' Christmas Prank

By | 6 Comments

This boy's parents tried to prank him with a vacuum cleaner as a Christmas present, but he was surprisingly pretty happy about it.


Stephen Jackson Re-Gifted His Samsung Galaxy From The NBA In The Best Way

By | 5 Comments

The NBA sent out Samsung Galaxy tablets to its players for Christmas and Stephen Jackson used his to make someone's day brighter.


How To Use Your Smartphone To Save On Holiday Gifts


Christmas gifts aren't cheap... but your smartphone can help you find deals.

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