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Watch This Christmas Light Display Go All ‘Star Wars’ On Us

By | 3 Comments

Celebrate Lifeday, er, Christmas, with this light display set to a Star Wars medley.


Check Out This Tulsa Man’s Christmas Light Display Set To ‘The Fox’

By | 4 Comments

A man in Oklahoma has created a traffic jam on his block by setting his Christmas lights display to the Ylvis hit, "The Fox."


Inject Your Christmas With A Little Bit Of Slayer Via This Amazing Christmas Light Display

By | 3 Comments

This Slayer Christmas light spectacle deserves your attention and praise. I have enough trouble untangling lights.


Behold, The Animated Penn State Christmas Lights Display That Blinded And Infuriated A Neighborhood

By | 5 Comments

A man in Pennsylvania put together an animated Penn State Christmas lights display set to the PSU fight song.


The Best Pairing Of Christmas And Dubstep YET

By | 6 Comments

Have yourself a very merry Christmas with this dubstep-inspired lights display.


Skyrim Christmas Lights Are Pretty Epic


Mitch at Awesome Christmas Lights put together a Christmas light show synchronized with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim theme ("Sons of Skyrim" composed by Jeremy Soule).

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