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The National Teamed Up With ‘Bob’s Burgers’ For A Super Depressing Christmas Song

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The National and "Bob's Burgers" are doing their best to ruin your happy holiday spirits with "Christmas Magic."


Here’s Rich Homie Quan Singing ‘Silent Night’ And It’s Glorious

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Rich Homie Quan singing Christmas carols is the best thing you'll see today.


Sir Christopher Lee Recorded A New Heavy Metal Christmas Song

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Christopher Lee's 92 years old, and more badass than you or I.

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The Only Holiday Party Playlist You Need

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These songs will help make your Christmas party a great time for all.

christmas songs

And Now, A Model Twerking To ‘Jingle Bells’ With Her Boobs

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'Tis the season to watch a model move her boobs to a Christmas classic.


Watch Jennifer Lawrence And David Letterman Attempt To Sing On ‘The Late Show’


Jennifer Lawrence is frightened of singing in front of a crowd, so David Letterman naturally tries to get her to sing.


Merry Bleepin' Christmas From Boston Bruins Announcer Jack Edwards (And Everyone At UPROXX)

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Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards is here to wish you a MERRY BLEEPIN CHRISTMAS, set to a montage of Bruins/Predators fights and hits.


Les Miles & The LSU Football Team Would Like To Wish You A Very Loud 'Merry Christmas'


The LSU Tigers took a break from preparing for the Outback Bowl to sing '12 Days of Christmas' for all of their fans.


With Leather's Watch This: Kevin Hart Remade Skee Lo's 'I Wish' With Some NBA Stars


For their upcoming film 'Ride Along,' Kevin Hart and Ice Cube recorded this remake of Skee Lo's 'I Wish' with some NBA players.


Christopher Lee Is Back With More Amazing Heavy Metal Christmas Songs

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Sir Christopher Lee has recorded two more heavy metal hits for the holidays, as the 91-year old actor reminds that you're never too old to rock.


10 Beloved Christmas Songs That Never Ever Needed To Be Covered By These Bands

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Bands will always cover old Christmas songs because it's easy and profitable, but some of them just need to stop before they ruin all of the classics.


15 Awesomely Terrible Christmas Songs To Make Sure Your Party Is A Huge Success

By | 21 Comments

Not looking forward to your company or family Christmas party? Take it over by jamming out to these awesomely terrible Christmas songs.


Here’s ‘A Very Angry Browns Christmas’ To Help The NFL’s Most Punished Fans


Angry Browns Fan is back with 'A Very Angry Browns Christmas' to help the NFL's most tortured fans smile in this holiday season.


Blind 'Feliz Navidad' Singer Is Suing His Former Manager Because He Couldn't Read Their Agreement

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The singer of "Feliz Navidad," José Feliciano, is suing his former manager, who took advantage of his blindness.


Christmas Is Officially Over, So Here’s The Rest Of The Christmas Stuff

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We don't really ease back into our regular features scheduling until Monday, but Christmas is over, right.


Speaking Of ‘The League’, Jon Lajoie Wrote ‘The Best Christmas Song’ Of All-Time

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This isn’t necessarily sports news, because it’s really about an actor from a show that really isn’t about fantasy football, but we don’t talk about The League enough here and that’s borderline criminal.

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Fallon, Mariah & The Roots Delightfully Sing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ With Classroom Instruments

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This may be the best version of this song I've ever heard. I defy you watch this and not feel warm inside. Nice work, Mariah and Fallon and the Roots!

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