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What Louis CK Knows That Most Media Companies Don't <a href="">[GigaOM]</a> No Concussion Test For Colt McCoy Because Team Didn't See Hit <a href="">[NYT]</a> Madonna Signs Three-Album Deal With Interscope <a href="">[MSN]</a> Who Is Charli Baltimore.


Video: “Better Mus’ Come” Trailer

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<a href="">Words by C. Paicely When we think about inner-turmoil and rebellion in developing countries, Africa and the Middle East often come to mind, not Jamaica. I mean people honeymoon there, right? But the island nation has had one of the world’s highest murder rates for years, and nation-rocking stories like Christopher “Dudus” Coke’s are more of an effect than a cause. Rewind back to the ‘70s with Better Mus' Come, and you’ll find yourself treading some of Kingston’s murkiest waters. Writer and director <a href="">Storm Saulter</a> set out to capture a time when leaderships and loyalties were even more uncertain than today, while introducing a relatable protagonist unsure of his own purpose amidst all the violence and corruption.

pusha t

Pusha T – “Dearly Beloved”

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Continuing the chain of coke rap that's hit the inbox this Monday, Pusha Ton comes with a track dedicated to those who've reached kingpin status, partially inspired by the recent news activity surrounding Jamaican badman <a href="">Christopher "Dudus" Coke</a>.

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