‘Star Wars’ Director Rian Johnson Interviewed Christopher Nolan About ‘Interstellar’


Interstellar may be about of theaters, but as this interview between Rian Johnson and Christopher Nolan proves, the film still has a long life ahead of it.


‘Interstellar’ Is Returning To Select Theaters This Weekend With Plenty Of Extra Goodies

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With the Oscars on the horizon, 'Interstellar' is going back to select theaters for one night only this weekend with some special bonuses.


Punch Your Way Through Batman’s 70-Year Cinematic Evolution In This Fantastic Video

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Journey through every theatrical Batman ever made in one handy-dandy, 11-minute video.


Here Are 5 Reasons Why A New ‘Batman’ TV Show Needs To Happen

By | 37 Comments

With the news that Batman will at least be mentioned in 'Titans', we wonder if the time is right for a 'Batman' TV series.


The Two Latest Pilot Orders By NBC Involve Shows About Snipers And Naked Women

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'Blindspot' and 'Endgame' sound like interesting shows, for sure. Guess which one is about the sniper?


Will Arnett Has Seen Footage From ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ And Says It’s ‘Mind-Boggling’

By | 6 Comments

Will Arnett, Chris Miller and Phil Lord give us some details on what to expect from 2017's 'The LEGO Batman Movie'.


Christian Bale’s Fancy Art Movie Is Better With Batman In These Mashups


Christian Bale has a fancy art movie coming called 'Knight of Cups.' So of course the Internet made it into a Batman movie.


Joygasm? Jim Carrey Would Totally Be Down To Play The Riddler Again.

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Who's up for seeing 52-year-old Jim Carrey in green spandex again?


Christopher Nolan Was Consulted Before ‘The LEGO Movie’ Took Their Shot At Batman

By | 2 Comments

In his role as unofficial Batman overseer, Christopher Nolan played an unexpected role in the early days of 'The LEGO Movie'.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Allegedly Wore A Spacesuit To An ‘Interstellar’ Screening

By | 9 Comments

No word on whether or not he thought the film was a one-way ticket to Xenu's home turf.

the dark knight

The Author Of ‘The Prestige’ Has Some Harsh Words For Christopher Nolan Over His Batman Films

By | 50 Comments

Christopher Priest, author of 'The Prestige,' is not a fan of Christopher Nolan's other work, especially his take on Batman.


You Can Now See ‘Interstellar’ As Many Times As You Like

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The "'Interstellar' Unlimited Ticket" lets moviegoers watch Christopher Nolan's science-gasm as many times as they want.

Christopher Nolan

‘I Decided To Use Dialog As A Sound Effect': Chris Nolan Responds To ‘Interstellar’ Sound Mix Complaints

By | 36 Comments

Christopher Nolan has heard your complaints and cordially suggested that you go eat a big fat dog turd.

#Weekend Box Office

Weekend Box Office: ‘Big Hero 6′ And ‘Interstellar’ Both Open Huge, $56.2 And $50 Million

By | 35 Comments

Two movies grossed more than $50 million the same weekend for only the fourth time in history.


The Films Of Christopher Nolan: A Semi-Definitive Ranking

By | 107 Comments

We put numbers next to the films that Christopher Nolan made because f*ck you.


The 20 ‘Interstellar’ Spoilers You Meet in Heaven

By | 38 Comments

Laremy spoils Interstellar 20 separate times. Will you fight him?


Review: ‘Interstellar’ Combines Astrophysics And Magical Thinking

By | 83 Comments

Matthew McConaughey goes to outer space and finds out that the secret of the Universe is the human heart.

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