Conan Unveils The Hilarious Extended Cut Of Bob Dylan’s Controversial Super Bowl Commercial

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Some claim it's Dylan being Dylan. Others feel it is shameless shilling for a car company. The folks at 'Conan' see hilarious comedy.


Video: Eminem’s Super Bowl Commercials, The Black Eyed Peas Halftime Performance

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/?p=167664"> I'm a bit old-fashioned in the sense that I watch sports and use commercial breaks as they were originally intended -- to piss, reup on snacks & smoke cigarettes. Still, I know millions of others did tune into Super Bowl XLV with the intentions of catching the highest TV spots that money can buy. While there were other great commercials, I just wanted to focus on the rappidy rap ones. Eminem scored a nice payday, starring in not one but two commercials. The more expected of the two was the Brisk commercial, for which Em was reportedly paid $1 million. I'd rank the spot amusing, but ineffective because it didn't make me thirst for tea anymore than previously. In fact, I hate tea. Period. But the Chrysler 200 "Imported From Detroit" commercial was actually good, as Em put on for his hometown. Very cool and organic. And with that, the hood will now buy another crappy Chrysler. The Black Eyed Peas did a better halftime show compared to previous years' performances. Of course Hip-Hop stalwarts frown but as <a href="http://twitter.com/plainpat/status/34422752836329472">Plain Pat pointed out</a>, they were once an underground rap group now playing the big stage.


Why Is Volkswagen In The Mood For Italian?

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Giant '80s car phone and mustache comb not included Assuming you’re like the majority of my friends and family, you owe me money don’t pay much attention to the auto industry.

#Jay Z

6.3 The Cooler

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Keyana Dionne x Wet Wednesdays T.I. x Jay-Z: "Bar For Bar, Verse For Verse" [College Radio Music] Chrysler's Bankruptcy: Minority Dealers Cry Foul [Black Voices] Microsoft: Project Natal Is "The Endgame" [Gizmodo] Armored Truck Drops More than $300k [CNN] Issue One Hundred and Eleven [College [...].


5.2 The Cooler

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Step In The Name Of Love.



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Chrysler, which has received $4 billion in taxpayer bailout money (because God forbid we let shitty companies go bankrupt), recently announced plans to help underwrite Terminator Salvation for an undisclosed amount.

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