#The Simpsons

Let’s Take A Fond Look Back At The Lost Art Of The Shameless Television Crossover

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In honor of tonight's 'Simpsons/Family Guy' crossover episode, we look back at a once great television gimmick and what it meant.


Ben Affleck’s Big Penis Was The Talk Of The PGA Awards

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Ben Affleck and Chuck Lorre talked about Ben Affleck's big penis at the PGA Awards. Did Fassbender's name come up? Just guess.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TIL: Chuck Lorre Wrote The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Theme Song

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The more you know about Chuck Lorre, the less you want to know about Chuck Lorre.


Anna Faris Is Really Stoked About This Butt Sex Joke

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It's the little things with Anna Faris, isn't it?


How CBS’s Slew Of Renewals Is Bad News For Will Arnett, Anna Faris, And Robin Williams

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CBS renewed practically everything, which is bad news for the pilots competing for greenlights.


Anna Faris Will Continue Her Frustrating Career In Chuck Lorre’s Latest CBS Sitcom ‘Mom’

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Can we talk about why Anna Faris doesn't pick better roles? The latest example: the led in a Chuck Lorre CBS sitcom, "Mom."


Chuck Lorre Has Sold Another Mediocre Sitcom To CBS

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It's the finale of the Chuck Lorre divorced moms trilogy!

Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen Officially Dead! (on 'Two and a Half Men')

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For those of you gambling on how Charlie Sheen's character would leave "Two and a Half Men," you can take the non-death options off the table.

Two And A Half Men

Chuck Lorre Planning to Reboot ‘Two and a Half Men’

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As Charlie Sheen tours around the country and assures half-filled theaters of morons that he'll return to "Two and a Half Men," Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros.


Today in Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen is now giving interviews at a faster rate than I can watch and respond to them -- Piers Morgan last night, the "Today Show" this morning, I think Access Hollywood this afternoon (update: also Howard Stern this morning) -- so at this point I concede that I've been bested by Sheen's tiger blood and rocket fuel saber, blown to bits by ordnance dropped during the strafing runs of his cure-all mind.

Two And A Half Men

Chuck Lorre Is Kinda Cool – UPDATE

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Chuck Lorre -- the creator of CBS hits "Two and a Half Men," "The Big Bang Theory," "Mike & Molly," and "Three Farts and a Bike Horn" -- places a different witticism at the end of every show he produces.

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