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Chuck Norris knows what’s really going on in Syria because of karate

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At this point, we're well acquainted with Chuck Norris being a right-wing nutjob.


Chuck Norris vs. NBA Jam


<a href="">Chuck Norris</a> invades a game between the Lakers and Sixers, and things quickly get out of hand.


Greetings From Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris greets people in many ways.


Chuck Norris vs. Gangnam Style


Chuck has heard about enough of this.


Frotcast 116: Laremy Legel live from Toronto, Manswers Roulette

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here</a> (right-click, "save as.


Chuck Norris warns that electing Obama could bring “1000 years of darkness”

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It's almost election time here in 'Murka (thank God) and you know what that means: fighting over the perceived differences between two candidates who are 98 percent exactly the same.


A Song From 'Rent' Sung In Klingon By Rachel Bloom (And Other Mashups)


Featured mashup videos of the week, including "Seasons of Love" performed in Klingon by Rachel Bloom, Toy Story Expendables, Game of Bones, and Chuck Norris versus Mario and Pac-Man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 10 Greatest TV Appearances From 'The Expendables'

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Arnold dancing, Bruce singing, and Dolph killing a lot of people. The Expendables (2!) have done it all.


Chuck Norris still sucks

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, as cool as the Fake Chuck Norris that the internet invented is, the guy whose tears could cure cancer if only he'd cry, the real Chuck Norris is that much of a slimy dicklicker.


The Chuck Norris Supercut To End All Chuck Norris Supercuts Is Here


Hey, remember when everyone was making jokes about how Chuck Norris <a href="">can slam a revolving door</a>, pee his name into concrete, and cure cancer with his tears (if only he would cry).

Chuck Norris Presents Chuck Norris in 'Chuck Norris' (Morning Links)

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[via <a href="" target="_blank">ScreenJunkies]</a> MORNING LINKS Come watch me do Twitter-based comedy tomorrow in San Francisco.

Bruce Willis

Expendables 2 Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger beats up a smart car

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The Expendables 2 just released a full-length trailer, which you can watch below, and I'm having trouble deciding which part I like the best.


Chuck Norris does Robocalls for Gingrich, says his dad could beat up your dad

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I've said it Here's the transcript: "As my wife Jean and I watched the GOP debate and went to the website, we were trying to decide which of the candidates would be best to do head-to-head combat with President Obama," says Norris in the call.

chuck norris

Ron Swanson Has An IMDb Page


Just a few short days after <a href="" target="blank">the rise of Duke Silver</a> our friends at <a href="" target="_blank">Buzzfeed</a> have tipped us off to the internet's favorite mustached anti-hero <a href="" target="_blank">having his own IMDb page</a> with writing credits for a handful of Chuck Norris mid-nineties classics, such as Walker, Texas Ranger, Overkill, and Top Dog.


Real-life Chuck Norris is still kind of a douche

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The gap between actual Chuck Norris and the fake Chuck Norris of the internet has always been a pretty wide one, and almost every news story about him is the equivalent of seeing a honey badger in real life and it turns out to be a koala wearing panties.

Bruce Willis

Expendables 2 has a trailer

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The Expendables 2 has a trailer out, and it's great if all you were looking for was two-second shots of all the characters.

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