Philip Morris Issued A Long-Winded, Hacking Response To John Oliver’s Anti-Tobacco Rant

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They also think Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat could manage more of a smile.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Took On Big Tobacco: The ‘Open Sores On Satan’s Dick’

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On 'Last Week Tonight,' John Oliver explains how Philip Morris International bullies small countries trying to enact public health warnings.


This Very Poor Ad Placement Will Make You Think Twice About A McRib

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After the McRib made its return in the UK, people noticed a bizarre trend of some very poorly-placed billboards.


Apparently Soda May Age Us As Much As Cigarettes

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Will we resist the allure of soda pop now that a new report indicates that it may age us prematurely?


Those Disgusting Cigarette Butts Might Soon Power Your Car

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Cigarettes butts, we can all agree, are disgusting. But they also might just turn out to be useful.


‘Constantine’ Won’t Feature One Of The Best Stories From The Comic

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'Constantine', NBC's upcoming adaptation, looks good. But there's one aspect of the character NBC can't tolerate.

viral video

Russian Construction Worker Lights His Cigarette With An Excavator


A Russian construction worker lights his cigarette, with the help of a fire-carrying excavator.


Stephen Dorff is acting the hell out of this cigarette commercial

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There are many surreal aspects to this commercial, the first one being that it stars Stephen Dorff, who could show up to his own party and have it be considered stunt casting.


Are You Still Trying To Quit Smoking?

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It’s tough to be a smoker these days, what with everyone trying to stop us from vacationing in Flavor Country.


I See Dead People…On My Newports

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Well, it appears the packaging for Gotty™'s garbage cans are about to get gruesome.


It Ain’t Easy…

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I was going to quit smoking and then I found out my little sister was a stripper.



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Five major studios today announced the decision to include anti-smoking PSAs in youth-rated films that include tobacco use.

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