The Big East Will Sell Its Name To The Big East

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So this might get confusing but it's not: 2013 looks to be the final year of the Big East basketball tournament with 2014 marking the first-annual Big East tournament.


Big East’s Catholic Schools Officially Announce Exit, Will Begin Basketball-Only Conference In 2015

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The nail in the Big East's coffin was all but set earlier this week, but <a href="">Saturday's announcement</a> that the conference's seven Catholic, basketball-only schools would leave in 2015 was the official end point.


The 2012 ‘Running Of The Wieners’ Is Something That You Should Watch

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I’m going to stir some controversy today that doesn’t involve the NFL, because I’m a button-pusher, but I’m honest.

WKRP in Cincinnati

The Who Will Honor Tickets From 1979 Concert That Never Happened


In December 1979, the mayor of Rhode Island cancelled a Who concert because of a tragedy that killed 11 people only days before in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tickets for that never-happened gig will be honored for a show in 2013.

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