Guillermo Del Toro Compares Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’ To Car Commercials


Michael Bay was promoting Transformers 4 and Pain & Gain earlier this week at CinemaCon.

#Star Wars

Disney Will Release New Star Wars Films Every Year, Starting In 2015


While absolutely nothing is going to top that Patton Oswalt video from Parks and Rec in terms of Star Wars-related awesomeness, there is some actual Star Wars news to discuss today and I guess you could say that it’s pretty big.


The Hobbit debuted some footage in 48 fps and everyone hated it


For years, James Cameron has been telling everyone who would listen (mostly his army of high-priced whores) that a lot of the early problems people had with 3D - that it required slower cuts and camera movements because of strobing and blurring - could be solved with higher frame rates, which is relatively easy to accomplish (your TV is already capable of doing much higher than film's 24 frames per second, for instance).

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