Meet The Turnup Twinz & Their (Not-So) Smash Hit “Ratchet, Turnup, Molly”

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Hot 97's Cipha Sounds (starring as SWAG SNACKS), Peter Rosenberg (as LIL' YOLO) and Ebro (as EBRO) continue their crusade Rosenberg started <a href="">at last year's Summer Jam</a> against the mindless radio hits with the track "Ratchet, Turnup, Molly.

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A Hip-Hop Conversation With Jay-Z

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<a href=""> Nowadays, getting caught up in gossip about who's smashing who and who's beefing with who can be mentally draining. Over the course of time, the day-to-day happenings of our favorite musicians became more important than the music itself. Every now and then, one of the world's oldest forms of expression reminds us all why it is so dope. Sometimes it's a song, other times it's a performance. Sometimes it's an album, and in the majority of cases it's our own personal memories. For me, on this specific occasion, it was an interview. <a href="">I've said it once</a>, and I'll gladly proclaim again - I love Hip-Hop folklore.


Peter Rosenberg’s No Charles Hamilton But…

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<a href=""> ...neither one are strangers to the fists of a woman scorned. Velvet Sky's the name. Oh, you mad that she's stylin' on you, Pete? What seemed to be light-hearted ribbing quickly turned to domestic violence when Peter Rosenberg turned the other cheek --- only to get met with a hand imprint. Apparently the TNA females don't take career advice from non-wrestlers too kindly. On the bright side, it looks like <a href="">Velvet Sky</a> found a new finsher: The Peter Palmer.

Pete Rock

The Gatekeeper…

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Photo by Complex Shade 45 started a new show this year called Behind the Boards hosted by Cipha Sounds.

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