This GoPro Clad Circus Performer Shows Us What It’s Like To Be A Human Cannonball

Footage shows Ringling Bros' Gemma Kirby being hurled 40 feet high and at nearly 60mph.


Japanese Dog Circus

The Super Wan Wan Dog Circus in Tsukuba City, Japan takes in abandoned dogs and turns them into incredible performers, racking up Guinnes World Records in the process.


The Last Real Circus Family

Vice spends some time with the Rosaires, one of America's last great circus families.


How Are Your Strippers Holding Up?

As the economy does whatever it does to get better, our nation’s hardest workers are doing whatever they need to do to get by.


Whaaa? 1928 Charlie Chaplin film has a cell phone in it


Roger Ebert recently posted on his blog this video, which shows an Irish guy doing a break down of footage from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film The Circus, which seems to show an extra walking by talking on a mobile phone.

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