Dime Q&A: C.J. Watson Talks Paul George, Pacers, And His New Role This Season

The Indiana Pacers' prospects for the 2014-2015 season took a drastic turn in early August when superstar wing Paul George was lost for the year due to a broken leg.


Video: Pacers Guard C.J. Watson Locks Himself In The Bathroom

Besides going down early to the Jazz on the road and Roy Hibbert's bashed elbow, the Pacers also ran into a problem during their three hour bus ride from from where they landed in Houston to San Antonio late last night.


Roy Hibbert’s Swollen Elbow Haunts Our Dreams [Photo]

During Indiana's comeback victory over the lowly Jazz last night — where they were down early against the worst team in the Western Conference — Roy Hibbert banged his elbow something fierce.


5 NBA Contenders & Pretenders

All stats from games prior to Friday Even when sample sizes are small and records give no indication of anything worthwhile, the first week or two of the NBA season can still show audiences which teams are contenders and which are merely pretending.


The 10 Most Impactful Roster Changes During The 2013 NBA Offseason

The NBA season is less than a month away, and training camps are now open around the country.


How To Fix The Brooklyn Nets

The second round of the playoffs is underway and with only eight teams remaining, it means another eight have been eliminated from title contention.


The NBA’s 10 Playoff X-Factors

Not everyone can be LeBron James.


The Best $9 Million The Brooklyn Nets Ever Spent

We all know the Nets made moves this summer — both literally and figuratively.


Lakers Will Retire Two Legends’ Numbers; The NBA Goes To Africa

The Lakers confirmed Thursday what we knew for a while, that they're building the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar statue.


Kobe Says Team USA Would Beat The Dream Team; Nets Move On Without Dwight Howard

It's that time of year again, or rather, that time of year that comes around once every four years when the same question is asked and we have to converse on the same debate.


Report: Jason Kidd “Can’t Rule Out The Bulls” In Free Agency

Jason Kidd wants a team where he can win with a reduced role.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 4.13

Beast of the Night: Jason Kidd looked like his old self last night, posting nine points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists, three steals, two blocks and three three-pointers.

#LeBron James

Video: C.J. Watson Gets Trucked, Hits Game-Tying Three

It's not karma — it's just a jump shot.


C.J. Watson Plays Hero For Chicago; The West Loses An All-Star

Is it better to have won without your best player or worse to have lost with everyone healthy.


The Magic Are An Incredible Mess; Chicago Wins A Gut Check Game

It being NBA Green Week and all, it seems natural a Dwight Howard-Van Gundy-Orlando issue would pop up again.

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