Classified Ft. B.o.B. – “Higher”


Classified and Bobby Ray team up to take us "Higher" with a radio-ready new single.


Classified Ft. Raekwon & Kuniva – “I Only Say It Cause It’s True”


Knowing how TSS operates, you understand why we appreciate a song called "I Only Say It Cause It's True.


Classified – “High Maintenance” Video


The problem with a lot of the weed songs is that they tend too good of a job conveying the melancholy and munchies, often resulting in a bore to shuffle around your iPod.


Classified Feat. Brother Ali – “Maybe It’s Just Me” Video

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I forgot all about "Maybe It's Just Me," but I'm glad <a href="">Classified</a> decided to drop a video for the Handshakes And Middle Fingers track.


“Young Soul” – Review Of Classified’s Handshakes And Middle Fingers

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<a href=""> After enjoying newfound commercial success with his “Oh Canada” single last year, longtime underground Canadian emcee <a href="">Classified</a> is out to prove he’s not a one-hit wonder, especially with 13 albums already under his belt.


Classified – “Ups & Downs” x “That Ain’t Classy” Videos

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<a href=""> Quiet as kept, <a href="">Classified</a> is something like a big deal.


Classified – “That Ain’t Classy”

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<a href=""> My man <a href="">Classified</a> must be a mind-reader.

Self Explanatory

Classified Gets Innovative & Interactive With New Promo Push

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<a href=""> Since technology changes faster than Speedy Gonzalez eats enchiladas these days, musicians really have to take into account every viable option out there to promote themselves. Via much more than just music videos and stapling posters on light poles, rappers and rockers alike must factor in entire viral campaigns for their albums if they want success on their palette. <a href="">Classified</a> is well aware of this.


Classified – “Inspiration” Video

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Since we all need a little "Inspiration" in our lives, Classified has decided to grace us with a visual for perhaps the most uplifting cut from his underrated Self-Explanatory album.


Watch Classified Make You Feel Inferior

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<a href=""> Do yourself a favor and take six minutes of your time to watch <a href="">Classified's</a> segment on <a href="">Hip-Hop Chronicle UK's</a> "Beats & Rhymes" where the all-inclusive producer/rapper crafts a soulful audible treat in his Halifax home studio, and then proceeds to drop a sweet sixteen right then and there smack dab over the top.

Self Explanatory

Classified – “Oh…Canada” Video

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Almost a year after dropping his aptly-titled album <a href="">Self-Explanatory</a>, the always posted <a href="">Classified</a> keeps <a href="">dropping</a> <a href="">videos</a> like leaves in autumn.

Self Explanatory

Classified – “Quit While You’re Ahead” Video

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Since his <a href="">last video</a> was so on point, it's not surprising the kid <a href="">Classified</a> had to go against the theme of "<a href="">Quit While You're Ahead</a>" to grace us with this Canadian All-Star posse cut/third single/video from his still steadily-bumped 2009 album <a href="">Self-Explanatory</a>.

Self Explanatory

Classified – “Up All Night” Video

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As <a href="">promised</a>, here's the second visual from Classified's Self Explanatory.

Self Explanatory

“Only Just Begun…”

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If you still haven't peeped <a href="">Classified's Self-Explanatory</a>, shame on you because it's 360° dope.



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A month ago or so, I <a href="">posted</a> on Classified, one of the most creative cats coming from the bitter cold Canadian tundra.

World Famous Sex Buffet

Josh Martinez – “Going Back To Hali” Video

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My two favorite artists of early 2009 - <a href="">Josh Martinez</a> and <a href="">Classified</a> - just dropped their visual to the second single off Josh's ultra-magnetic album The World Famous Sex Buffet.

Self Explanatory

“Classified Search…”

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The homie <a href="">Shake</a> said he was "on the fence" about “Anybody Listening,” the new single from Maple Leaf rapper <a href="">Classified</a>.

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