Kobe On Seattle: “I’d Much Rather Come Here In The Postseason Than Oklahoma”

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During Kobe Bryant's whirlwind tour of Seattle for Richard Sherman's celebrity softball game -- where he he hit a home run -- and the Jamal Crawford Summer Pro Am -- where Crawford introduced him as "this generation's Michael Jordan," Kobe also found time to stick it to Oklahoma City.



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My dislike for everything about how the Oklahoma City Thunder came to be is documented pretty well, so I'm just going to skip ahead to the part about how the "enthusiastic" and "deserving" Okie fans are dealing with a team that doesn't have Chris Paul: With 2:50 remaining in the third quarter Wednesday night, Thunder fans no longer could contain their frustration.



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Yesterday, the cockholster who moved the Seattle Sonics to the dust bowl unveiled the team's new name, which was leaked six weeks ago, and the team's new logo, which was leaked over the weekend.

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